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Wednesday, April 09, 2008

So regardless if you are participating in Thursday Thirteen, tell me one blog or website that you visit daily!


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I love to visit my friend cousin Michelle at Our Fairy Tale Life! She is a mother of 7 and homeschools a few of them.

jenn said...

Crystal and carrie are my girls! I am at their sites many times a day.



Carrie has like 4 different blogs, but that is her main one. They are both amazing women.

siteseer said...

I visit my daughters site daily looking for more pics of my peanut.

Susan said...

I visit so many daily. But I'd say my daily "fix" is google where my google reader can be found.



Laura said...,

KC said...

I don't know if I visit any blog except my own daily.. though I try to get to all of the blogs I read atleast every other day.. I guess the one site I check daily is which is my feed reader how I read most of the blogs I visit.

Donna said...


haha, and and

Amy said...

I always read my funny friend, DeeDee's blog at :

She can even make me wet my pants some days!