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Monday, April 07, 2008

weigh in and bullet posts

Got back from this weeks weight in and how do you think I did? Well, this weeks loss is 3.6 pounds making my start from 4/10 (less than a month ago) at 16.8 pounds woohoo!

Last night Michael did dinner and made yummy burgers with a salad and a potato where I added butter and fat free sour cream and cheese and then I added a Weight Watchers cookie dough sundae for dessert. Oh my gosh, that's good. If you are not doing weight watchers, you have to try these!

Lunch today will be another potato and maybe some soup and then a healthy choice meal for dinner with extra veggies and a couple of snacks like WW 1 point yogurt, some almonds and maybe some cheese.

Found out that work is reimbursing people up to 25 dollars a month who do Weight Watchers.

Poor Michael. He went back to work after having a pretty sleepless night. He was coughing sooo much. Pray for him that he returns to good health.

Our little friend Shelby should be out of surgery now from having her cleft palate repair! I get to see her tonight.

Still working on a contest. The prize will be something you can only find on a Disney cruise!! WooHoo

Watched the end of Return of the King last night. Is it just me or does the scene where the guys says to Frodo, "You bow to no one" and the in turns to bows to Frodo just incredibly moving? I tear up everytime that scene comes on!

Working on reading Blue Like Jazz. How convicting. I very much appreciate him writing this book and being so honest with his feelings. It makes you rethink the term "Christianity" and how the world now views it. I think a lot of us have shared some of his feelings before. I am reading about "empty passion" and it is making me think. I do not want to judge every human being, but dude, we are a selfish society. At least I am. Publicly you may not see my selfishness but there are those decisions that you make yourself that you choose to benefit only yourself. I sooo don't want to be like that.

I want sooo much to be selfless. I want to be transparent. I do not want to put on "an act" when inside I feel something so different. Sorry, for the rambling.

Got some baby time yesterday and worked in 7-12 month nursery..Too fun! I played with a Thunder! WooHoo!


Christie O. said...

hope michael feels better soon! so sorry he's sick!

wow!! 16 1/2 pounds, that's awesome! i'm only down five right now. but i guess it's something! congrats!

Kelly said...

Way to go amy... that is awesome. Keep up the good job and we can have a few extra points to use on the cruise if we work out in the morning :)

amy said...

Im amazed when I think about 16 pounds..Seriously amazed, I start realizing that I can do this, still eat out with friends and get healthy


Anonymous said...

hi! I found your site off the message boards on WW. Congrats on the 16.5 lb weight loss! I've been at this for a month now and have only lost 5. Got off track for awhile, but now- full steam ahead! I'm back OP!

erin said...

Way to go! That is awesome! And I love those cookie dough sundaes; I just wish they came more than 2 to a package.

Amy said...

Amy, I am so very proud of you! WooHoo is right! Girl, you got it goin' on! Are you doing WW online? I really need to take the time and get started doing something again.

Still praying for Michael in many ways!

And it's funny you mention LOTR. We all love those movies and my family was all telling their favorite lines. Mine has always been that one. You bow to no one. I get choked up just typing it. Wow, those are incredible movies, aren't they?

And yes we are all selfish. How true is that. But I am finding it easier to be more transparent and show my true colors. Not always pretty I must admit, but this way my friends and family can see it and point out to me what I need to change and work on.

And the first thing I've been working on is taking the criticism, advice or whatever you want to call it. I don't like to hear the truth about me when it's not pleasant! You know what I mean? And sometimes there are things that I truly did not see in me although it was easy to see it in my kids. Hmmm, I wonder where they learned it from? LOL!

I know it will be a long process, but in the end we are all reaching for the same goal. To be like Christ in all we say and do!

Laura said...

Amy! That is wonderful about your weigh in! I am so proud of you! Keep it up, girl!

Fresh Girl said...

Amy, you're doing so great with WW!! I'm proud of you! Keep up the good work. :)

(I'm going to get to go to Union tomorrow! Can't wait.)

Daddy Forever said...

Congrats on your weight loss. Nice of the company to reimburse part of the expense.

I like Lord of the Rings too. Both the book and the movie.

Jose said...

Sometimes rambling is good. Congrats on the weight loss, I need to get into some kind of a diet, I am gaining too much weight. About Michael, I hope he feels better soon, I am fighting my allergies here and it's not nice either.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Congrats on your weight loss, you are doing GREAT! Cookie Dough Sundae....yummy, I might just have to give it a try.

Pam and Jeff said...

Amy-Congrats on the weight loss. I jsut have a quesiton about something you wrote. When your employer gave you a 75 dollar gas card, was it given to all employees or some sort of an incentive. You can email me at

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Congrats on the continued weight loss! You are doing so fabulous and you are inspiring me:)
I sure hope Michael feels better!!

TeaMouse said...

Congratulations!!! I'll bet you are happy with those numbers.

My sister is on WW and her and I have private blogs where we journey together through our weight loss journey's and each Monday will be our weigh in, the first one is the 14th...I hope I see a loss even if it's not huge.