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Thursday, April 17, 2008


SO yesterday, I head over to church for my last week of Women's Bible Study. This study is divided into 3 years, and by the time you are done, you have studied the entire Bible. SO this was a Spring celebration plus the first group to "graduate" from our church. Our church is so fun. Anyway, I get there and usually there is food and I am worried about that but then I see fruit, fruit and cheese. Rock on! I believe I had a 3 point breakfast..Thanks North Metro.

Anyway, we walked into the main room. Okay, I find it hard to call it a sanctuary (that's a whole other story) but it indeed is our place of worship. There were tables decorated as usual with unusual stuff on the table. I saw a goblet and thought, oohhh we are taking communion with our small groups..Awesome. Okay, I was a bit wrong.

I saw down to find our program, which had Spring celebration on one side. The other side said Passover Haggadah! Interesting. Our speaker got up and said we would be having a Seder (Sader) meal and incorporating all of the traditions. I am over half way done with studying the Old Testament, and thought this would be awesome.

So our speaker put on the traditional prayer shaw, and explained the morning to us. First of all, the reason the Passover Haggadah was on the back of the program is because that's how its supposed to be read, from back to front. Our leader put a veil over her head at the proper times, and we shared the meal, going from right to left. We had beautiful music performed by the home school kids at the church and as the meal continued, we learned about
Lighting the Candles
The 4 Cups of Wine
The Cup of Sanctification
The 4 questions
The Matzah
The Maror including the bitter herbs
Dippinfg twice and the Charoset
The story of the Passover
Dayeinu- beautiful song
The Afikomen
The Cup of Redemption
The Cup of Elijah and
The Cup of Praise

But as we took communion at the end of the morning, most women had tears in their eyes as we shared this together.
The women took the time to prepare this wonderful opportunity which ended up being an awesome worship experience.

Seriously, this rocking, contemporary church turned back time and taught me how to celebrate the Passover. You gotta love it!

If you are in Atlanta, check out

Michael and I disagree on a few things, but we both love the teaching here. They teach from the word in very creative ways. Wow!
We ended the morning with a video about the women's conference coming to Atlanta which will include Kay Arthur, Mandissa and Beth Moore. entitled Deeper Still. I am the only chick in our group who has never heard Beth Moore, but that's another story as well.


The 5 Powell's said...

Beth Moore will rock your socks off...and bless 'em off too. She brings it.
Pictures were added to my last post and the "fights" were added too. Not really sure where that paragraph went...cuz I know I typed it! ????

erin said...

I went to Deeper Still in Nashville back in the fall, and it was such a blessing. You should definitely go!

Susan said...

Hey Amy! Did I tell you I'm going to be in Atlanta for a week in May? It'd be fun to meet. We are going to meet Jill at "Who Could Ask for Anything More?" in Buckhead for dinner on Thursday night.

Hugs to you!!

:-) Susan

Jodie said...

Beth Moore is AWESOME! I saw her last August in Rhode Island(where I used to live). You will be blessed for certain!

Family said...

Hi Amy, My name is Tracie McEntyre from Toccoa, Georgia. I have read your blog many times.Mostly on your adoption story. We have a 2 year old little boy that we adopted 2 years ago from Nicaragua. This is not a comment to the post. ( did not see a email address)I remember reading a past blog about you working at Childrens Healthcare of Atlanta.
There is a little girl there by the name of Kate Stephens that is from Toccoa and I was just wondering if you happen to be her nurse. She was admitted there on April 7th her BIRTHDAY. The community is really praying for the Stephens family. you can check her Journey to healing out at

Beverly said...

That is so cool that you were able to participate in a Seder. I hope to particpate one year with Glenys. There is a Messianic Jewish church here that puts one on every year.


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