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Wednesday, April 16, 2008

not to bring on the tears but

For weeks, I have been following a blog. I know, I follow lots of blogs. But this is oh so special. Its not because the daddy is a bit if a celebrity in the Christian music world. But because of what they have shared with the blogging world.

This family found out they were pregnant with their 3rd daughter. During an ultrasound, they found out their sweet Audrey Caroline, may not make it and they were told to abort the baby. They chose not to, but knew that Audrey would not live a long time. They shared their journey on their blog. They shared their hearts and what God was doing to their family. This is an awesome, humble family and I am thankful for them. I am once again thankful for the blogging world and that I was encouraged once again.

Sweet Audrey passed away a few hours after birth and today, her momma wrote her the most beautiful, heartfelt, letter I have ever read on a blog.
If you would like to read more of their story, click here. They have embraced the blog world. If you have listened to the group Selah, this is the lead singers family!


Anonymous said...

How touching. I cannot imagine what that day was like for the family.


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How sad....but glad they chose not to abort!

Donna said...

Thanks for sharing, I was in tears reading through it!!

Sister Snoopy said...

A beautiful story of faith. Thanks for sharing it.

e-Mom said...

Thanks for the link. Oh, I don't know if I can bear to read their story right this minute... but I will later. SO sad. :~D