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Sunday, July 29, 2007

another random thought

Did I ever tell you that I strongly dislike change? I dislike it because I am afraid of it. I like things done in my own way on my own schedule. When things get out of place, I seriously hyperventilate and it weighs on my mind. I know that I am a bit different, a little odd you might say. I really am happy with the fact that I am different. I am usually very calm but when I am out of my element, I freak out.

I wish I did not fear change so much. I love my job, but I would love to try something different. I have not changed jobs because I do not like that feeling of a new job, where you are new and not confident in your skills. I am afraid I wont like it as much as I like my present job.

I like structure, I like a schedule of sorts. Its weird because I am the most unorganized person in the world.

I like to try new things, but only when I am ready. Does this make me a snob? I hope not!

On another note, in church we were asked how would Jesus eat Oreos? I will explain more after a full nights sleep!


Michael - Lover of Amy said...

If anyone is interested, there is a more-detailed account of the Jesus/Oreo debate over at my blog,

Y'all might want to read it for a better understanding before answering or discussing this one.

Midas said...

I am with you on change. It's not that I fear it, I just like things to be boring, steady and quiet.

You can just imagine how much I love my husband to cross the ocean to be with him.

Change, good or bad, discombobulate me.

Amy said...

Amy, I'm with you. Even when my husband mentions some kind of change I get the sweats. Change is not always a bad thing, but if things are going well the way they are, then I ask~why change it?!!

And you got me hungry for Oreos this morning! Have you ever had the mint Oreos? That was a change I agreed with, they are delish!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I'm not really into change either but have learned how to deal with it since the world seems to be changing every day!

Bubba's Sis said...

My mantra: Change is bad. Change is bad. Change is bad.

Jose said...

I am a creature of habit but when change comes it is my practice to embrace it as fast as I can so that I can move on. Sort of adapt and overcome. I just don't fight it.

MickeysWife said...

Let's take the next 2 years and work on surrendering that change issue before Miss Lynn Marie arrives in your home - b/c forever after she arrives, each minute is filled with constant change...wonderful, fabulous, amazing change! :) I hate change too if I can't control the method, pace and reason for the change! :)