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Friday, July 27, 2007

A regular post

I did not participate in the Saturday Photo Hunt because I could not find anything "creative" which was the theme this week!

On another note, I realized something this week. Michael started a new job, a brand new job that I hope he loves. With this new job, will come a different schedule. He may work a lot of evenings and may have to work on Sundays after church. For months now, we have been used to have evenings together and Sundays off. This may be no more. This is not a bad thing, however. There are a lot of positives.

I do believe that married couples should have some time apart. We may actually appreciate each other more and appreciate our time together. It gives us both a little more freedom which I think is healthy for adults.

Also, we will not be eating out as much which obviously will be cost efficient and healthier!

Looking forward to spending some time with my family a few days this coming week. Stay tuned for pictures!!!

Also, all prizes have been mailed. If you have not received it, let me know. Obviously the prize going to South Africa will take a bit longer..

Next contest will be announced August 1st and will not be as detailed and will be much simpler... Make sure to keep an eye out for it!!!

So my question today is what do you and your spouse/significant other do away from each other? Do you enjoy the time alone?


Jose said...

I almost didn't participate either but I have two daughters that also share my passion for photography and I use my photo blog to highlight some of their pictures. Today is such a day, I posted my daughter's pictures and they are very creative, come see them if you have a chance.

In the 26 years my wife and I have been married we have had time together, then time appart, right now we are at a togetherness stage, since we don't have no more young ones to take care of we can up and leave anytime we want. However I have always enjoyed solitude.

Today I was working on my blog and I did something I should have done some time ago, I added you to my sidebar, welcome to my blog family.

Heart of Rachel said...

Congratulations to Michael's new job. I wish him the best of luck.

Interesting question. My husband plays badminton with his friends. I sometimes meet friends for lunch without him. I love being with him but it's also good to spend time apart.

Suprina said...

Another Great Question...

My husband and I enjoy our time apart. There are a couple of hobbies that he has that I just don't enjoy. And Vise Versa...However, we are learning to love what each other's hobbies are....

When we are apart, it is mostly because Eric is at School or working.

I take care of the kids when we are apart...
But when all the kids go to bed...I search for recipes....I love to cook and bake, Browse Ebay, I also love to decorate, so I look for decor for my house. I love to shop for my shopping is a big thing. I love a good bargain.

What we done is once each month we will spend however long we can together sharing with each other's hobbie. When it is just me, him and David we love shopping together.

He loves doing Geneology...So I Have learned to like it as well. (Found out he is 8th cousins with Brittany Spears)Not something we are very proud of.

However,with him being retired Military we have found out we love being together. Even if it is just for an hour. We have found that we don't need that much time apart. After him being gone for 16 straight months with only a two week break of seeing each other in between sometimes we think we have got our alone time down for the rest of our life.

Sheryl said...

Thanks for stopping by...and I love your header quote!

annb said...

My husband and I have been married for over 18 years and we came together after both of us experiencing a lot of hurt from a previous marriage. I also feel that time away is not necessarily a bad thing! When you have a good marriage in which respect and trust are constant, time alone is not a threat!
Jody likes to hunt and fish - I don't really get into either, so that is something he does without me (when he gets to go, which is not as much as he would like!)
I don't really do a lot alone, I'm a home-body and like my time - alone or together at home. I go alone to do the grocery shopping, to visit the grandkids, to go visit members of my family (brothers, sisters & fams), and sometimes go out to eat dinner with friends from work.
Every Saturday, Jody and his brother are together either doing a little carpenter job or just running around for the day. I have to admit that sometimes, I get a bit annoyed because as I said it's every Saturday, but normally it doesn't bother me at all.
I hope Michael's job is going well and hope your time together will be special.
In His Love & Blessings,
annb said...

Thanks for visiting my blog! Isn't it fun to make new friends!! Come back any time I will be glad to welcome you!!

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

We don't have alot of alone time since we also work together too. If we do, I go out with a friend to supper and he plays PS2. I know...pretty boring.

Christine said...

Congrats to Michael on his new job!

My husband and I have had times where we never saw each other. He worked 12-14 hour days, and I worked 8-10 hour days, and we both worked weekends, that was no fun.

Then when we were both out of work for a month or two, that's all we did was watch movies and hang out with family, that was OK for awhile.

It's good right now, I'm Staying at home, so we all have dinner together, but I like to go to the library or bookstore, or the scrapbook store, a couple days a week for an hour or so, and he does his own thing the same way. So it's nice to be apart, but it's nice to not be apart too long.

Have a great week visiting with family. Can't wait to see photos. :)

Sparky Duck said...

Blogging or golfing

it all depends on the mood, somedays I really miss her so its not good when shes away. Other times i am a grumpy gus and a break is perfect for me to get my brain working in the right way

Kristie said...

Amy, hey, it's Kristie (from Not Quite What I Had Planned) ... I'm sorry to high-jack your Random Thoughts blog, but I have a question for you and can't find an e-mail address for you. You mentioned in my comments section you were planning your next Disney cruise ..... would you mind e-mailing me privately ( I'm just starting to gather info for a Disney cruise and would LOVE to talk to someone who has been there, done that .... if you wouldn't mind if I picked your brain for details, I would really appreciate it --- thanks!

Michelle & John said...

Hi Amy! The week of July 16th my dear John went on a motorcycle adventure with two old friends. I took the dog to mother's with me. July 14 -July 18th is the longest we have ever been apart. None of us slept worth a hoot! seemed like when the 3 of us were back together, even the dog was more settled! I really LIKE him and hate seperation!

Amy said...

Me and my hubby spend ALOT of time together since we own our own business and I am his secretary/bookkeeper! We actually do quite qell being together so much, but I personally do enjoy some time away from him. And of course I spend my free time blogging! Sad, but true. He has no idea I do this. He is a perfectionist and I am very simple and I know it would drive him nuts that my blog has lots of mistakes and could be a lot better, but I'd rather spend that time visiting friends!

Praying for Michael and his new job. I need to go pay him a visit too.

Midas said...

I am usually found in library, near a library, bookstore or shopping in the mall with my daughter.

He does tennis, hang out with his bestfriend, or post on his favorite board.

I enjoy time away from my spouse, but I much prefer being with him...unless he's having a bad day, then I'd rather be away until he's not out of sorts.