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Thursday, July 26, 2007


Thanks for all your suggestions on childrens books!! If you want to give me the titles of some of your favorites please scroll down!.

Do me a favor will ya? GO check out hubby at Valtools Box. His Friday Flashback is up. He does this weekly and it involves 80s videos! Tell him congrats on his new job!

Nothing new here. Working Fri and Sat, hoping to be awake for church on Sunday. Hoping to have some time with Michael soon.

Just got home from work and realized that after tomorrow all of my contest prizes will be in the mail! I cant wait to do another one but it will be much much more simple.

Details coming. I met a lot of nice bloggers last contest and I hope you will join us!!

Here is my daily question for you
Lets say you were given a million dollars and the person who gave it to you will match it dollar for dollar to any charity, what would you spend it on and what charity would you choose?


Eleisia said...

I'd have a new house built just the way we like it. I would save some for later.
I would donate the rest to Parkinsons research. My mom had Parkinsons and it is a very debilitating disease.

Suprina said...

What a great question.

I would put put some of it in Each of my kids College Funds.
I would invest a lof of it.
I would purchase a new vechile for both myself and my husband.
I would fix up the house that I live in now....Sell it..
And then build our dream home.
And I would probably give some to relatives.

There are three Charities that I would chose. Breast Cancer Research, Diabetes, and Alzheimer's Research-My grandmother was diagnosed with Alzheimers's at the Age of 43. She passed away at the age of 74. She lived with it for 31 years.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I would put my kids through college and the charity I would give the most to would be the Amercian Heart do more research on the heart defect that my brother, sisters, son and daughter all have and that my dad passed away from at the age of 37.

Amy said...

I would give to our church. I would definitely get my three kids through the college of their choice. I would make our home more handicapped accessible and add a couple of rooms in case our moms need to move in with us. I would use some money to travel some more and pay off any debts we owe. Then I would give to: Parkinson's, Diabetes, Muscular Dystophry, Cancer and Make A Wish Foundation.

You ask some good questions Amy! Makes me think~which I need to do a little more often!