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Thursday, July 05, 2007

What a Good Day! and Fridays Feast

Details and pics to come tomorrow, but won't you visit Valtools BOx, scroll down and answer his questions. Even if you don't normally participate in these weekly things, his questions are great!!!

My answers when I wake up in the morning....

Never Mind, I'll just do them now!

fridays feast

Appetizer - What was the first job you ever had?
They created a position for me at a hospital. I was not a Nurses Assistant but something like that..I was blessed as it got me interested in nursing..You can say babysitting was my first job though

Soup - (Taken from Bravo’s Inside the Actor’s Studio) - Name a profession you have always wanted to try.

Preschool or Kindergarten Teacher

Salad (also from the Actor’s Studio) - Name a profession you would NEVER want to try.
a phlebotomist or aka one who draws blood. Bless them. I just couldn't stick people for a living!

Entree - (also from the Actor’s Studio) - What is your favorite sound in the world?
Ill have to copy hubby. Laughing Children, especially belly laughing is lovely..I also love the sound of water

Dessert - (and from the Actor’s Studio) - If there is a Heaven, what would you like to hear from God when you arrive?
Well done my good and faithful servant..Now, why were you always so paranoid? Didn't you know I had your back?


Stacey said...

Hello Amy, Your feast is great. :-) I would also not want to draw people's blood for a living. I also would not want to work with people's feet. They are just too stinky for me. :-) Hahahaha. I agree with both you and your hubby, a laughing child is awesome to listen to. How joyful. :-)

I posted an old feast too. :-) come on by.

Melody said...

Hi Amy, great feast! I too wouldn't want to draw people's blood for a living. I can't stand seeing blood in the first place...oh well. And I agree it's always a joy to hear the laughter of children.

Happy Friday!

Gattina said...

Drawing blood wouldn't bother me ! although I am not a vampire.

Was it you who made up the menu ?
I played too !

Jen said...

I am a trained preschool/kindergarten teacher although I havent worked in one before. I got my bachelor in early childhood education then got preggy with Daniel. I love being a sahm with Daniel. I will work in a preschool or kindy or day care centre one of these days

Hootin'Anni said...

Ya I think the ones who draw blood for a living are sadistic, and get pleasure of making pain on their victims....errrrr, patients.

Happy feasting.

maiylah said...

we've got the same entree! :)
great feast!
happy friday!

DebD said...

Nice feast. I went to your husband's blog but I didn't see any questions. I must have missed something.

owensmomma said...

Hi Amy! Great Feast! It would be very hard to draw someone's blood! I love your blog! It's so refreshing! This is my first visit, but I would love to add you to my favorites list! Have a great day!

Happy FF! :o)

Krajcimama said...

Great answers Amy! :) I especially like what you would like to hear God say to you upon arrival into heaven...I can hear him saying the same thing to me!

Have a great weekend!

Jodi said...

Great feast!! We have the same dessert.

Have a great Friday!

chaucer said...

love your desert..

have a nice day

annb said...

Great feast! We did have a lot of answers that were almost the same! The picture of Michael above your post is great! And he does look happy!