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Wednesday, July 04, 2007


Hope you guys are having a great day with your family and friends. its noon and Michael is not home yet from running/walking the annual Peachtree Road Race. There was some confusion but he did make it and should be coming home. I'm sure he will be sore.

I did it 2 years ago and once I become a bit less fluffy, I would like to do it again. Its really fun to people watch and there are thousands of people to watch!.

Michael's brother and family are in town and yesterday we spent the day with them as previously mentioned. To see what LynnMarie got, click here!

We should see them again tonight and possible tomorrow, so we really have had a good time with them and their soon to be 2 year old!
Not too much going on, with Michael unemployed, we have had more time together which has bee nice! Looking forward to him finding a job though!!

Speaking of Michael, check out his post and see if you know any of his favorite movies!

Hope you are well, and I will leave you with a question!!

Do you have a favorite 4th of July memory or do you have any traditions?


Shoshana said...

Amy, wow! I love your new looks! Beautiful!

Sue said...

Love your new look. No real 4th traditions. Usually hubby is working. It was nice this year that it fell on his day off, so it was a relaxing day with the 4 of us.

Amy said...

I finally got my random thought meme up!

The only tradition we have is of course watching the fireworks, but we always have to name each one. Like last night one of them looked like Don King and another one reminded us of carmel apples. Corny, I know! And of course we always say ooooh and awwwww!

Tug said...

Have a safe & happy 4th Amy!!

Michelle said...

is the annual peachtree road race in peachtree city? I have an aunt & uncle that live there :)

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Nope. Michelle, the Peachtree Road Race runs just under 6 miles on Peachtree Rd starting at Lexox Aquare (Mall) just north of the Buckhead district, down to 10th street in Midtown where it then turns and leads to the finish line at the entrance to Piedmont Park.