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Friday, July 20, 2007

Question of the day

Whats the nicest thing someone has ever done for you or whats the nicest thing you have done for someone else?


Heidi said...

Before we recently sold our house my hubby had lost his job and we were OK but financially hurting a bit. Someone called our house at 10pm and said look out your front door and know that God loves you and is taking care of you. Then they hung up and there was about $150 worth of grocery's out there. We were amazingly overwhelmed with gratitude.

Now since our house has sold, we've moved and my hubby has a new job we've been trying to "pay it forward." We gave our waitress a very large tip one night when she seemed to be incredibly frazzled and nothing was going right for her. Sometimes it just seems like the anonymous things mean a lot.

Gattina said...

Nothing, lol !

Suprina said...

What a wonderful post.

When I was pregnant with my 4th. I was constantly put on bedrest.
We were in Germany, and my husband being a solider couldn't just stay at home and help me take care of my older 3 kids.

He rearranged my living room to where everything was in reach...Even water!

He would come home at lunch to make the kids and I lunch...he took the kids to school brought them back home....
the next one would be that besides going to college and being semi-disabled, he is now got a job at Hobby Lobby so we will have extra "play"money to have Thanksgiving, Christmas, and such.

Now, what good thing have we done for someone...right now, I really can't think of anything,maybe helping the neighbor mow her law that is the same size as ours while she was away for 2 weeks.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

When I had my knee surgery and was down for quite awhile...I had several friends bring supper over for us and help out with the kids (even though they were older)but the best part was that my mom took time off work and drove 350 miles to spend a week with me and my family to help out.

Shannon said...

My husband dislocated and fractured his ankle in December. He was self employed and we were told it would be about 6 weeks before he could return to work. I was going on maternity leave 1 week after this. It meant that we would have no money coming in. Christmas was in 1 week (at least we already bought for that). Our bible fellowship class started gathering money together for us. On the day my son was born, our Bible Fellowship teacher gave us a card with $1700 dollars in it!!!! Yes that is ONE THOUSAND SEVEN HUNDRED!! And then they provided our family with Christmas Dinner (the works) and meals brought to us 3 times a week for the next 3 weeks! What an awesome blessing!

By the way: My husband was out of work for 4 months!! Ouch!