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Thursday, July 19, 2007

WHo is Harry Potter?

Okay I need to ask. Whats up with the Harry Potter thing? I havent read one not have I watched a movie, but I am amazed at the passion fans of regarding this book. I have a poll a few posts below regarding Harry Potter. Please check which one you are.

If you are a fan, help me understand why people Loooooovvveeee this series. Just wondering. I have nothing against it and I certainly like good fiction, but these books are stinkin long. I just think I would have ADD after reading them. Also, are the books like the movies?


Bubba's Sis said...

Read the first book and you'll know.

You'll be hooked.

The movies are pretty close to the books as far as plot, but they do leave a lot of details out. The book is always better than the movie in any situation, tho.

Jose said...

Trust me once you start reading them it's hard to put them down, it's good fiction, adventure, and fantasy all combined into one. They are written in such language that it's easy to understand by young and old alike, once you get past the made out words like "muggle" (non wizard human. You'll catch on right away.

The books have been very close to the books but the detail in the books is just to much for any director to capture.

Try the first one, you may just like it.

Addie said...

Sorry, pal! I definitely can't help you! I, like you, have never read any of the books, nor seen any of the movies. And guess what? I don't think I will - no interest at all.

Krajcimama said...

I became a Harry Potter fan the week I got my gall bladder taken out. I had bought the books figuring I'd read them at some point. As a teacher I thought it was important that I know what kids are into and a lot of them were into Harry Potter. This was before the movies...

I read the first 4 books in a little over a week! They are soooo great. The first 4 movies were done really well and are very close to the books. The last one (Order of the Phoniex) is such a long book you kind of knew they wouldn't be able to fit it all into a movie. I just think that's going to be the case from now on ~ the movies are going to have trouble keeping up with the books.

The are AWESOME, though...really I think anyone would love them.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I haven't read them either Amy, so don't feel like you're the only one left on the planet. The length is one thing that has kept me from trying them too. After about 350 pages, I lose interest usually. It's a psychological road block I have, so that keeps me from even thinking seriously about them :) They are such a phenomenon though, so I know they must be really great. From what I've heard, Rowling is an incredible writer.


Joyful Days said...

Really, I had no intention on letting Harry Potter into our home. But several people & events changed my mind.

I did my own research about what others were saying and then I read them myself first. Definitely start at the beginning if you choose to read them.

They are really good reads and I don't think you will find them long at all. I've read all six (waiting for the seventh) and watched every movie (except Phoenix). I think the movies are okay, but the books are much, much better. There is no way they could put any of the books completely into the movies so a lot is missing.

For the record, I am doling them out to my boys a little at a time. I do think Rowling's intent was never for them to be for small children. We read them together. They are allowed to watch a movie when we finish with a book. They have heard/read up to Azkaban and are clamoring for the movie. The books do get more intense as they go on.

My oldest has had some awesome questions because of reading them. We have had some great discussions and there has been a lot of trying to figure out what's going to happen before the next chapter.

If you like audio-books the series is available as such & those are so well done. We were so pleased to have this option on a long car trip.

I totally understand why some people don't read them and really get why some people make a huge deal of them. It's a personal choice, just as is any book and if you don't read them, you will still have a fulfilled life. :) But they are fun.

Clear as mud??


Melanie said...

I actually read the first one intending to read it to my oldest son afterward. I was instantly hooked. I have read every book, have seen and own every movie including the extended versions. I will admit to being a HUGE Potter fan.

The books are extremely well written and keep you completely interested at each step. The movies are very true to the books although they leave out a lot of little details just like most books made to movies do.

If you like a good adventure in fiction I reccomend it to you and hope that you thoroughly enjoy them and join the rest of us Potter addicts! Something along the lines of a Lord of the Rings-type novel. A whole other world of possibility! :)

Looking forward to my reserved copy of Book 7 coming tomorrow. I should have it done before my husband's audio version of the book arrives on Monday (he listens to audio books at work while designing/drawing) *teehee*!

Suprina said...

Amy, don't feel bad...
My kids are BIG Harry Potter fans. However, there are a few of them my husband will not let them watch.
I have only seen the first two Harry Potters-I don't even know the titles.

I didn't care for the books and the movies were so so for me. I can honestly do without it.
I can see where kids would really get into it.

I just can't bring myself to get into the books or the movies.

Heart of Rachel said...

My friend lent me her book way back before the movie. Upon reading the first few pages of the 1st book, I knew I was hooked. My husband is not fond of reading fiction but I told him to give HP a try and he got hooked too. That was the start of it all. We loved reading all HP book.

I'm sad though because I don't have the last book yet. I'm paranoid I might unwittingly read spoilers and ruin the ending for me. But I'm taking extra precaution. haha! I hope to get the book before the weekend comes. :)