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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Blogs, tv and movies

I'm back to the world of reading and posting! Woo!
After sleeping well yesterday, I woke up and went with Michael to the mall where he went for another job interview (just to clarify, he did take a job offer at Walgreens but is still looking) and I walked around for a bit. We then decided to take in a movie where we saw Knocked up! We still have several we need to see before summers over, and hopefully we can get to most of them.

Now the plan was to come home and make some feta chicken, but we went out to eat instead and headed home and watched the Bill Engvall show and started Tootsie!

Over at Michaels blog, he has listed 10 memorable movies of his childhood. I am not sure I can come up with 10 but I will try! I am actually doing 10 tv shows first!

1)Facts of Life
2)Family Ties
3)Little House on the Prairie
4)Dallas (parents watched it every Friday)
5)Silver Spoons
6)Saturday morning cartoons (the smurfs, the snorkels, the littles, etc)
7)Kids Incorporated (I still cant believe Fergie was in that)
8)The New Mickey Mouse Club
9)The Waltons
10) Sesame Street

2)back to the future
3)Savannah Smiles
4)Karate Kid
5)Adventures in Babysitting
6)Top Gun
7)Teen Wolf
8)The Goonies
9)A Christmas Carol
10)Ferris Buellers Day off


Suprina said...

Amy, what a wonderful list... Dallas, Facts Of life and Sesame street I can remember so well.

Karate Kid
A Christmas Carol has got to be one of my all time favorite movies.

Tomorrow, my thursday thirteen has to do with television.

*adding you to my favorite blog list.
Love reading all your blogs!

Agapetospaidiske said...

I love Savannah smiles and Adventures in Babysitting! So much fun.

Jose said...

Wow, I used to watch them all except Dallas from your TV show list and I really never like Ferris Buller's Day Off, don't ask me why becaue I know everybody in this known world liked it.

Michelle said...

great list! My top 10 tv shows would have included Growing Pains - I had such a crush on Kirk Cameron LOL

Carol said...

Wished you lived near us, my husband's company is begging for help......ever thought of moving??