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Thursday, February 22, 2007


Well, the poll below shows You've Got Mail in the lead..Have you voted yet?

Lets see. Whats going on? Working extra this week at work! Was able to see my sister for dinner this week was fun! There are a lot of brain tumors being diagnosed which sucks. Sorry to write that but it bums me out! My house is still not clean but I can imagine it spotless, does that help?
Sometimes, I wonder if I am not crazy. Seriously. Right now, I am in a really good mood for no reason. Perhaps it was because Michael, Lucy the dog, and I got to catch on DVR stuff today. I don't know. Perhaps its because we are really getting into the paperchase with the adoption stuff. Or perhaps its because I am too dang tired right now.

I'm still bummed Thursday 13 is going away but I am participating in other memes ( just google daily meme)
Ten for Tuesday
Wordless Wednesday
Friday Feast
Saturday Photo Hunt. This week is soft so I need to find a picture to go with that.
I hope all of you are doing well..More venting to come..I hear AI kicked Paul off. He stunk, at least this week. I really liked him in the audition


Indigo said...

The TT was much crutch when I needed a quick blog topic and had nothing to say. Oh well.

Janene said...

I'll miss TT, too. :( I feel a little relieved, though. I was starting to feel guilty that I couldn't be as "active" as I was when I only had 1 baby ~ I will miss all of the interesting blogs I use to visit...but I am glad I'll still be stopping by to see how you are doing ~ I'm headed over to hubby's blog next. :)