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Monday, February 26, 2007

New Poll- American Idol

A lot of you are watching..Make sure you vote. You may vote for 2 people! Make sure you type in who you voted for so that at the end of the season we can see who guessed the winner.

Who is your favorite American Idol contestant?
Alaina Alexander
AJ Tabaldo
Blake Lewis
Antonella Barba
Gina Glocksen
Brandon Rogers
Chris Richardson
Haley Scarnato
Jordin Sparks
Chris Sligh
Jared Cotter
Lakisha Jones
Leslie Hunt
Nicholas Pedro
Melinda Doolittle
Phil Stacey
Sabrina Sloan
Stephanie Edwards
Sanjaya Malakar
Sundance Head free polls


Jane said...

Amy, in answer to your question about putting books in the sidebar. I go to add page element, click on HTML/Java script (add to blog) and then I paste the URL of the picture in there. To get a URL of a picture I upload it to my account (it's free) and they give you the URL of each uploaded picture. And I get the picture of most books from Amazon by right clicking and saving. Hope this makes sense.

Amy said...

I love LaKisha! I think she has a really neat story and I love it that she is so extremely talented, but not arrogant! I hope she goes far! Love these polls Amy!

Gina said...

Lakisha is by far, out of all the guys and gals, my absolute favorite! And if I had to choose a favorite guy, it would be Blake, at this time. It totally could change though.

busy91 said...

I voted. I love Chris Sligh. He is different, I like different.

Marcia said...

I voted for Melinda, but Lakisha is awesome!

Skittles said...

I voted!

Anonymous said...

I love AJ! It's hard to pick out of the girls because most of them are really good but I do like Melinda Doolittle. I really liked AJ, Blake, Chris Sligh, and Sundance on Tues. after the guys performed. I guess we'll see who my favortie girl is after they perform.

Heather said...

I voted! Blake and Chris R. are my favorites :) but I also like Lakisha and Chris S.

Looney Mom said...

I like in this order: Blake, Chris S. and Sundance.

Jeff said...

Voted for Chris and Jordin, but problem is, I'm having a tough time telling one from the other so far!