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Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ten on Tuesday

Found another meme (I'll explain that later) that I have to participate in. I'm sure you want to as well!
February 05, 2007
10 Movies That Have Made You Cry
1) Radio-the first movie I actually cried the entire 87 minutes. The poor movie clean up guys was probably really ticked at me and my entire collection of napkins I left
2) Monsters Inc. Okay.I will explain. Niece Janie was 2 or 3 and identical to Boo..When Sully yelled at her,it broke my heart
4) Mr. Hollands Opus -that scene at the end was awesome
5) Armageddon -when he closes his eyes and pictures his daughter at her wedding
6) Beaches - Ahh, friendship7
7) Ladder 49. I love Mr Phoenix. I love this movie
!8) A Walk to Remember- Landon Carter is the best name in the world..First Valentines Day as a married couple
9) Steel Magnolias - everyone gave such a wonderful performance
10) The Notebook: my all time favorite movie for this reason
Next week: 10 Things You Worry About


Julia said...

Hi - I almost put "Ladder 49" on my list, but changed my mind. I love that movie..sad. And I saw Radio too...that was wonderful movie.

Great list! :)And welcome to your first Ten on Tuesday!

Addie said...

I should try this one some time ... I have wathced most of the movies on your list ... The Notebook just this past weekend!!!!

el-e-e said...

All those are great. Steel Magnolias... SOB! Love that scene where Sally Field just flips out hysterically sad.

Mags said...

I'm not what I'd call a "cryer" on sappy movies-but the Notebook had me SOBBING!!!

Beaches always does that too, and a Walk to Remember makes me tear up...I love that movie.

Christie said... the notebook! can you say tears streaming down my face uncontrollably!!! that's the same thing that happened with me and ghost when i first saw it forever and ever ago. and steel magnolias, just the other day! it gets me every time!

ps. the music on my blog stopped working too, but i figured out why. just go back to the website where you got the mp3 player. they updated the code, so just recopy the code and paste it into your website and it will work again. or it should, anyway, that's what i did!

Kimo & Sabi said...

Hmmm - we've never seen these moovies...have you seen "Cat On a hot Tin Roof?" Or "Catwoman" or "The Garfield Movie?"

Christie said...

Oh my! I LOVE Steel Magnolias!
Believe it or not, I cried at the end of Terminator 2! LOL The girls in my SS class laughed at me when I told them this fact last week. I guess I am just a crier :)

jdoriot said...

Neat! I'll have to participate next week.