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Thursday, February 08, 2007

Things I Live for

Okay, got this from Thoughts of the Mama
This may be another Jerry Maguire moment and I am sure these will change when we get our daughter.

1) I love turning the car into our street and seeing my Michael's car in the driveway.I love when he comes home early

2)I love trivia. I love when we play with others but its nice sometimes to just chat

3) our drives to Florida when I am awake and not sleep deprived. Every now and then we get into a great discussion that is just awesome

4) I love the fact that hubby has gotten silly in the last 5 years. This may sound strange but its made me love him so much more..It was fun taking pics with the characters this year at Disney World..My hubby is going to be one awesome dad

5)I love being honest with myself without sugar coating things..This is when I have my reality checks

6)When our nieces and nephews see you and they hug you because they want to and not because someone told them to or because they are going to get something

7) Chilling in the TV room with Lucy the basset hound when she is quiet

8)I live for a clean house. Its rare but when it happens my mood is awesome/

9) i live for our adoption paperwork. everything we do is one step closer to meeting our sweet daughter and bringing her home to friends and family

10)i live for memories. I love to share memories with friends and families. Every moment of my life has the potential to be a awesome memory. I get to choose how awesome it will be

11) Moments at work when you know a parent trusts you with their fears, thoughts and joys. What an awesome job I have and what wonderful families I have!

12)Sleeping in

13)making a meal that MIchael loves. He is very good at complimenting

14)I love moments where it seems Michael is reading my mind which is frequent. This can be buy picking out a dvd to watch, where to eat, what to cook.. We are quite similar at times

15)Sunrises, flowers, snow. Nature. Sometimes you have to take a moment to thank God for what is in front of you. There is no other way for the beautiful environment around me. I love those moment and I want to savor each one!

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