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Monday, February 12, 2007

Todays blog entry

Weight loss since diet began - 7lbs and that includes eating out! Woohoo

Funny moment at the gym (Ladies Workout express): As I am on one of the weight machines, a lady comes up and uses the leg press. She looks at me and says " Honey, I am so sorry. I have got the worst gas..Must have been that tub of popcorn yesterday". I wasn't there much longer

Ladies and gents: I am now participating in the grocery game found over at
The lady who runs it takes whats on sale in stores around you and matches them to coupons in your paper and you save tons of money and time. I saved 20 dollars at Publix today. Check her out it. It costs 1 dollar for a 4 week trial. If you try it, please refer me with my email at

Hubby had a post this week regarding comments made at his restaurant..Check them out! I promise you a laugh! You can find him at


Southern Girl said...

Congratulations on 7 lbs lost, Amy! That's great! And that you were able to do it while eating out, too. Keep up the good work!!

Cyndi said...

gratulations on the weight lost!!!btw have you tried the quaker oatmeal to go?the are squares of difrent oatmealsna d they are wonderful plus low in fat. they have oatmeal raisin, bananna bread all can heat them for 10 seconds.
thats so funny baout the gassy lady.:)

michele said...

I am a friend of Jodi's. Thought you might like to know about Save service but free!

Amy H said...

Hi Amy, I came across your blog from the Thursday thirteen meme. We have so much in common I just had to say hi. My name is Amy, my husband's name is Michael, we are Christians, and we are considering international adoption sometime in the future. We actually have a 1 year old, but it is something we are considering. I hope everything goes speedily toward the wishes!

Christy said...

Congratulations on your weight loss!

I tried the grocery game for a while, but it wasn't worth it for me since we're military and can shop at the commissary. But I've heard it really saves a lot!

Mercy's Maid said...

That gym story was just too funny! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Kelly said...

Amy... I am sooooo proud of you. 7 pounds in a week is so awesome. Ok, the story of the gym is so funny. I think that I would have pee'd in my pants if someone had have said that. Love ya sis!! Keep up the good work!!!!