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Thursday, February 01, 2007

Fridays Feast

Friday, February 02, 2007
Feast One Hundred & Twenty Nine

What was one of the fashion fads when you were a teenager?
ohhh. Lets see Units(you buy 3-4 types of odd clothing and can wear them with different things. Leggings, ZCavarrici, twist bead necklace

Name one thing you think people assume about you when they first meet you.
that i am outgoing..i can be shy and i dont like to talk in front of groups

On a scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being highest, how hard do you work?

when its stinkin busy at work, and I want to provide good customer service then an 11. At home, I am lowkey and give myself a 6

Main Course
If you were given a free 30-second commercial during the Super Bowl to sell anything you currently own, what would you advertise?
good question..i would fill empty boxes of the stuff the last owner of the house left and sell them as surprises

Fill in the blank: I love to snuggle when it is cold

Dont forget to check out hubbys blog over at Valtools Box to see todays Friday Flashback


Sunflower said...

like your desert:-)

Thanks for stopping by my Sunflower blog!Welcome back any time.

I will Exercise for Comments!

Rose said...

Yes I see what you mean about dessert. ;-) I too can be shy and I dont like to talk in front of groups either.

Raggedy said...

Great Friday Feast!
Have a wonderful day!
(")_ (")Š

katherine. said...

I like your Main course! thanks for surfing by....

Nichole M said...

I was shocked when I saw Cavarrici in the store again in the last few years. =O Oh! Remember putting those long scarves around our sideways ponytail?? lol

Gattina said...

Maybe you can make a lot of money with your "left overs" !

Skittles said...

Your main course is so cute and sounds fun! Dessert sounds wonderful :)

You asked about my template? You can find the link way down on my right sidebar under Resources.. Christine's Blog Templates.

Susanna said...

Happy Friday to you :)
Snuggling is good!

Addie said...

Wonderful feast ... I enjoyed it. I promise never to buy "surprise" boxes, it might just come from your previous home owner ha ha ha

I have also served a FF :-)

Joseph C. Harris said...

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I have left you some book recomendations in that post. Have a good day.

Miranda said...

Great FF!!!!

mamichelle said...

Great feast! Thanks for commenting on mine too!! Have a great weekend.

Crazy Working Mom said...

Great feast!
Your dessert was tasty. ;)

Happy Friday

Melli said...

I will BEWARE all surprise boxes offered for sale during the Super Bowl! LOL!

Debby said...

Great feast! Love your of my favorites too! :) Happy Friday and thanks for visiting!

Peach said...

Great dessert. I'm the same way!

I live pretty close to you, BTW. Thanks for stopping by today!

Heart of Rachel said...

Thanks for visiting my feast earlier.

I'm also generally shy and I'm not too fond of talking infront of a big crowd.

I like your dessert because I love doing that too. Take care.

Jules said...

Yay for snuggling! :) Happy Friday, thanks for stopping by!

annie said...

great answers!! i fogot about Units... but maybe they are better fogotten? probably so. :)

I will pray about your dad. Thanks for visiting my feast!


ChupieandJ'smama said...

Great feast! I totally forgot about Units. My roommate in college had those and I would "borrow" them when she went home for the weekend. I like your dessert. Very similar to mine:)

Becky said...

Great Feast! My first time joining in! It was fun! :) I will definitely keep your dad in my prayers! Hope everything goes well. And, I'm going to have to check out your hubby's blog for the Flashback!!! Have a great day!

Gina said...

Loved your feast. Thank you for stopping over at my place.

All the best! :)

Barbara H. said...

Nice feast -- I like your dessert, too. :)

Thanks for feasting with me!

Raven said...

I sort of remember those twisted necklaces- different colored beads all wrapped together. LOL

and cowl neck shirts. For some reason I just thought of them.

Sue said...

We have the same soup. Happy Friday!

I love remembering the old fads. Brings back memories.

Cheryl said...

I hate talking in front of groups too. I trip all over my words.

Andrea said...

I love your dessert. Thanks for stopping by!

Russ/rfduck said...


You can see my photographs at

Enjoy! And thanks for commenting!