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Thursday, February 08, 2007

What makes a good blog?

What makes a good blog? What makes you come back and visit day after day? Is it the colors, is it humor, is it pictures?

I wondered this myself. Some blogs I read are friends and I love to know whats going on with them. Some bloggers are so good with words that they make me laugh out loud. I have had blogs of the day and they are ones that just interest me. I love the crazy layouts with music and graphics but I also love simple designs that have substance?

What is that interests you? Is there a blog that isnt on my blogroll that is so neat I just have to visit?

Blogging is now my addictive hobby. I love to read blogs, I love to get responses so that I can respond back. I love blogs that challenge me to think and I love the ones that encourage me!

If there is a blog I have missed, please let me know and why I need to stop by!


Cece said...

I enjoy uplifting blogs. I use blogging to relax. So I can't/don't really get into the blogs that the posts are all super technical & LONG.

I LOVE me a good story, too. I love seeing pictures of other bloggers lives. Where they live, where they've been, who they know. It makes it much more presonal.

Cyndi said...

I have met some of the most wonderful supportive people through blogging.

this is a really good one.

this is another good one.

JAM said...

I like a mix of different blogs, some because the people make me laugh, some inspire me and lift me up. I love photography, so I like folk's blogs who have lots of pictures, I put on a lot of pics myself.

As to the style, I've always avoided blogs and websites that automatically start music.

I like mine, and other people's blogs to be nice and contrasty, no blue lettering on a black background for instance.

I like simple layouts and have been satisfied with the options I have in Blogger, but I'm easily pleased. Some people like to change their blog all the time like moving furniture, but that's cool too, if it interests you.

I'd just rather put most of my effort into well written posts and good photographs on a simple, easy on the eyes layout.

That's my $0.02

AscenderRisesAbove said...

I like eye candy on the blogs I visit; photos; like your little munchkin below munching (too cute!) Like Jam I avoid sites that have music; or those crazy animated gifs (shudder)

Christie said...

i love seeing how people design their blogs, and i also love just plain old great writing, creative observations and humor. i tend to stay away from the more opinionated ones, politically or otherwise. anyway, i like your blog, i come here all the time! email me at sometime, i put together the header on my blog for about a dollar, it was really easy and i can show you how! took me hours to figure it out but now i can pass along the diy websites i've found. i know you were wondering about a new design on the cheap.. have a good weekend!