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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Weight Loss

Happy valentines day to all. Watched American Idol last night. Always interesting at this point.May make comments later. Im a bit disappointed a few didnt make it.

Did well on diet last week. Ate Mexican last night..Blew it..Will start again tomorrow..Oh the joys.Its Valentines Day and we are going to a Brazilian steak house for lunch. I am still looking for exercise/diet hints or suggestions..Examples like taking stairs instead of elevators, parking in the back. Do you have any suggestions?
Before Mexican, I was down 10.5 pounds! Rock on!


Sweet Kitty said...

Have you heard bout It's free and they really have good advises and exercise suggestions and so on for you.
I joined it some weeks ago and I think it's helpful!

But I think you already do good things for weight loss. Taking stairs instead of elevator is good. It's all about moving. So c'mon gal, move your A$$!!! =)
If you need any (online) support, I'm here!!!

Big Hugs,

GreenEyedGirl said...

I was going to mention to you but I see Sweet Kitty already did. I use this site everyday! It is awesome.

My biggest suggestion is to get in a few minutes of exercise when ever you can. If you are waiting in line or something do some calf raises. Every little bit counts!

Keep up the good work!!

TEF said...

Hey! I'm so bummed out about the long haired dude not making it. Remember him? He sang Johnny Cash at the audition. Anyway, good luck on your weight loss, and congratulations on the weight you've already lost. I lost 15-20 pounds about a year and a half ago. I did it by eating out waaaaaaay less (I'm a fast food junkie) and going walking every day. I also eat a lot of tuna. Great source of protein without all the fat and cholesterol. Again, good luck.

Marcia said...

Exercise while watching TV, any kind that you can do and still watch American Idol. Then add more on commercials. We have a staircase so I have started walking it.