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Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Thursday 13

Thirteen Things about Amy

13 Holidays I can remember since being married

1. Our first Thanksgiving- We hosted in our apartment and family came in from Florida even brother Wes.

2.Our first Christmas- It was just us and Michael's brother Peter. We saw a movie..It was fun.

3. I must bring up the Thanksgiving before we were married. It was then that we told people we were engaged.

4.Thanksgiving 2 years ago. Michael's mom and my parents came from Florida for a long weekend. It was perfect and we ended the weekend seeing the lights at Calloway Gardens. It was this weekend we learned we were getting a new niece or nephew.

5.Our first Halloween in our house- I never thought trick or treating would be so fun!

6.Every other Christmas- When Michael's dad is not in town, we celebrate with Michael's brother peter and see a movie and go out to eat

7.4th of July 2006- Michael's brother came to visit with wife and baby and we had a good time.

8.4th of July 2005- I walked my first Peachtree road race

9.Superbowl in Douglasville- some people consider this a holiday and although I don't like football, I really enjoy Michael's dads superbowl parties/

10. Our birthday- January 2007. yes me and michael have the same bday and this year we went home to Florida and spent the day at Animal Kingdom

11.Our first anniversary- We went back home and had dinner at our reception site. Totally romantic

12.Our first Valentines Day- We went to see A Walk to Remember and I loved it

13.Our nieces and nephews first birthdays- so far there have been 4 and we havent missed one yet!

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suki said...

Your list is hidden because it's the same color as the background... :P How cool though - to have the same birthdays!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

I remember some of these....

Crazy Working Mom said...

That is cool to have the same b-day! :)

Great list.

Raggedy said...

Terrific Thursday Thirteen!
My TT is posted.
Have a wonderful day!
Happy TT'ing!
(")_ (")Š

Celfyddydau said...

Great list, I love that you have the same birthday. Were you born in the same year as well?

My TT is almost up!

GreenEyedGirl said...

That is awesome that you guys share the same birthday!

Darla said...

Those are lovely memories. Thanks for prompting me to think about holidays from my own newlywed days.

Christie said...

Great list!! We did the same thing for our 2nd anniversary, went back to where we had our reception. Sooo romantic! happy tt!!

Uisce said...

I had to laugh at the Super Bowl as a holiday, but hey -- why not! and your anniversary, of course! happy TT, mine's up!

Amanda said...

Same birthdays! Wow! We got married on my DH's bday. All good memories there! That's nice.

AnnaMary said...

Everything I read about you guys is always so cute! We just bought our first condo and I'm so focused on short term (my husband coming home) that I forgot about all the holidays we have to look forward to in our new place!

Knowing that your family came up for Thanksgiving in your apt gives us hope! We don't have local family and really want to host TG, but were worried about making people travel.. It can be done!! :)

Rachel said...


Christine said...

First Birthdays are great when it comes to special memories. They are always so much fun!
LOL at the SuperBowl considered a Holiday! That's really funny! ;)

Happy Thursday, Amy!

Sparky Duck said...

Yes the Super Bowl is a holiday, and its funny, we always host Thanksgiving too

el-e-e said...

Fun list! I like that you went to your reception place on your 1st anniversary. :)

Anonymous said...

Awww what a sweet list - I love what you did for your anniversary!

Queen of Wands said...

Happy belated birthdays! I would love to go to the Animal Kingdom! (-:

Sleeping Mommy said...

Great List. I love to go back and remember all the significant dates and holidays and how we spent them...that is when it was a pleasant day. That's always a little iffy when it comes to holidays with my inlaws unfortunately. Glad you have such a great relationship with yours.

Julee Huy said...

:) Same Birthdays! I'd love to hear how you've celebrated over the years! Holidays I remember, I like that theme. Good job!

Nancy J. Bond said...

What a wonderful, warm-and-fuzzy list. :) And thx for your visit!