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Thursday, February 15, 2007

Random Thoughts

A) as Michael posted in the adoption blog, we had a very productive day. it felt so good to get so much done
B)I called in to work Tuesday night so that I would be awake for our busy day. I do not regret it. The next day, I found out I had pink eye and have to miss another day..Ironic?
C)A bit disappointed in American Idol. I am glad Sundance made it through, but I liked the long haired hippy dude and the guy that cut at the very end.I Cant believe there was so much attitude in some of the girls..I forgot her name but the "God likes good people" bothered me to no end.
D)Putting eye gunk in sucks
E)We really had a good day together and played trivia last night but we did not win.We had fun and had a good conversation. We talked about our life plans You know the ones you have prior to the wedding..I just wanted to check in on things and I was happy with it!


Sparky Duck said...

im always disappointed in American Idol

Janene said...

I missed American Idol last night ~ but the God likes good people bothered me, too. Maybe that's why that chick didn't make it! :)

Missed reading your blog so much...I have so much catching up to do! Hope things are well!

Amy H said...

I am glad that Chris, the dude with all the beautiful curly locks, made it through. I think he's funny. Take care!