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Friday, February 16, 2007

What not to see at work

As you know, I am a pediatric nurse at the nations number 3 Childrens Hospital in the country! SO it shocked me to see the following at work

We are sorry! Due to unforeseen problems, please do not use the water in your sink or toilet for drinking purposes. Please fill up your bathtub with water as this will be used to flush the solid matter down.

We then provided water to all of the patients and families. I had to laugh out loud because I felt like I was on Survivor..A water line broke and all hospitals in the viscinity were affected..That sign got quickly removed.

Also tonight, I had a patient who was Spanish Speaking only. The chart read! Mom speaks only Spanish. She can not read either language. Please provide handout materials on nasal gastric tubes for her to study..Signed, the doctor!

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Jane said...

Yikes! I work at a school where many of the parents can not read or read English. It is amazing how much information is passed out either in English only or just through writing. For all the advances in communication, we still miss the mark sometimes. Have you seen the movie Babel? It is all about this.