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Sunday, February 25, 2007

What I did today

More random thoughts, sorry if this is confusing.

Okay, so I worked all weekend. It was busy. My customer service probably was not at its best because of how busy I was. Many brain tumors were diagnosed this weekend. My patients parents received bad news and I am not sure they have accepted, thats bothered me. Saturday night was busier but not has difficult.

I carpooled with a friend and I am so glad she drove Sat night. I got home around 810 am and got ready because Michael and I planned on visiting a 900am service. It takes about 6 minutes to get there from our house so even though we left at 850 we were able to get a seat say hello to someone and enjoyed the service.

We attended Heritage Pres Church and this was quite a friendly bunch. The pastor is a jolly man who I really enjoyed and after the service a lot of people welcomed us. At the beginning of the service, the pastor asked us to raise our hand if we were first time visitors. I usually dislike this but this time, as our hands were raised, children brought his a loaf of handmade bread. That was neat.

I enjoyed the choir and traditional music. It was odd because a lot of the music was played at Caties funeral back in January. By the way, the family is doing well for those who were following her.

Back to the church, the 9am service is smaller than the 11am service which we will need to try. This church has a choir which Michael likes, an active women's ministry and a lot of family gatherings. I have never heard of this but they had dinner at the church on Sunday and Wednesday.

I think we both enjoyed it. There is a Methodist and Baptist church that we want to visit, but we enjoyed today!

Thursday 13 is back! Woohoo


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gil said...

So glad you enjoyed church takes time to find the right one