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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

back from the game

We really had a good time..Not much drama and MIchael really enjoyed. I got to have a hot dog plus a bag of cracker jacks that cost 5 bucks! Geesh. We are scheduled to go to our next game on Sunday..Yippee!!

I loved the crowd and the music, the games for the audience between the innings and the jumbo tv. I loved watching people who didn't realize they were on it and then BAM! Oh the expressions..

Apparently my questions were difficult and confusing..Going to be much better about tomorrow!.
and so that everyone doesn't get too tired and drop out, we are decreasing from 21 days to 14! I want everyone to have an equal shot. So you only have to post 7 days to be in a raffle for a general prize. there are still points for each day you post though..

I am back to work tomorrow afternoon so I wont be online that much. Questions will be up before lunch. Some of you emailed me the answers and I assure you that's okay!!!!

For your sport fans, I enjoyed the game!!! Michael has pics posted over at Valtools bOX


Mrs. Goodneedle said...

Never been much of a baseball fan myself but I would say that being AT a game and enjoying all the little developing sideshows (big screen)eats, being at the stadium, etc. would be a blast.

DebD said...

I love baseball and 2 of my boys played it for years. Actually, this is our first year in almost 10 without kiddie baseball :(

Yes, having to find 3 things is tough. I'm glad you're shortening it as I was thinking of bowing out. Do you want us to only look through blogs of those participating or out on the to the blogosphere in general? I'm unsure of that.

Hope your day goes well.

Anonymous said...

So glad you had so much fun!! It's amazing how expensive things can be at places like that. Reminds me of the movie theater.

Thanks for stopping by my lil' corner! :o) Hope you have a good day at work!

Sparky Duck said...

If you get up to Philly, you just have to get to Citizens Bank Park, its beautiful. And I have been to many stadiums, its one of my favorites

Cyndi said...

I'm so glad you liked your first baseball game. I just am addicted to it.:) sorry i wasn't here earlier.