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Sunday, May 13, 2007

stuff and SH questions

early Monday morning, we will travel home after spending the day with family. Pray for us as the Florida fires are closing a lot of the interstates..

Michael and I have enjoyed our weekend with family and interaction with the nieces and nephews basil, Owen, Seth and Janie. Always a good time!
Check out the adoption blog for a new entry and prayer opportunity!
1) Find a blog that has a news article in it and let us know whats going on!
2) Find a blog that has a reality show topic in it!
One more day. For those catching up, you can catch up until Thursday morning. Winners will be announced late Thursday night/early Friday morning. I really hope all of you enjoyed it. I have had great input and it will make my next contest (on my new blog) 10 times better!.
Will post later from Atlanta!!


HomeSchool Mommy said...

I'm glad you were able to go visit family. I'm sure you had fun!

Lynne said...

1. News article - Acute Politics ( is written by a soldier in the middle of the war zone. His current post is about the latest attack which left 3 American soldiers missing.

2. Reality show - Rocks in My Dryer ( does a post each week about the TV show Lost. Her latest was on May 9.

Jennifer said...

1. Stephanie at Adventures in Baby Wearing has a link to a news article today that is about their story with their son.

2. Boomama does an American Idol recap every week.

Brandy said...

Ugh, you just HAD to give part of it away, didn't ya?! My hubby and I are looking forward to watching the finale today on the internet (we don't watch TV, we watch everything online) ... and we were hoping Yau Man would win. lol

1. De (#15) has a couple of recent news articles about Wisconsin that made national news -- 1 about deep-fried stuff and 1 about duplicated movie stunt.

2. I tried to find one from the scavenger hunt participates, but didn't see any ... so, either I'll go with YOU, Amy (you just said something about Survivor) ... or BooMama, who does American Idol wrap-ups all the time. Take yer pick lol.

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. News article: 2nd Cup of Coffee, Linda blogs about the recent Mickey Mouse converts children to terrorists and links to the original article.
2. Reality tv: Chris, his company's chaplain blogged about how he loves American Idol, but doesn't want to admit it, especially not at the gym.

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

1. News article
Tuesday, March 20, 2007
Launch of first Study of the SA Online Travel and Tourism Industry
e-marketing Blog

2. Reality Show : Monsters Blog
On the third season of Bravo's “Project Runway”

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. News Article- : cites a less than educated piece by the NYT about gluten entitled "The jury is still out on gluten".
2. Reality show - - blogs about American Idol each week and the results of each show.

Michelle said...

1. news articles on I Don't Know What To Say blog: articles are on prenatal testing for down syndrome.

2. Fortunately, Family is talking about Survivor and the Amazing Race:

glad to hear you've been enjoying your weekend w/your family!

Amy said...

1.This is not a news article, but hopefully people might read this and check it out. Barb over at: has had quite a week, but more importantly her little grandson has just been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes and they are having a very difficult time getting it under control. His name is Cameron and he is almost two years old. If you read this please stop by Barbs and read her posts and offer some encouragment and prayers to this precious family!

2. On May 8th she posted about American Idol and it was really funny! Actually she recaps every American Idol and she is so funny!

"Early Bird" said...

tomorrow I will post a pick from our weekend little China doll niece was present...I will include a picture or two of her if you want to come over and see me!

Jenny McB said...

This was a tough one tonight, but I went out searching.

Wrote a post about the article in USA today last Thursday about Beta Moms/Alpha Moms and all the activities that kids are involved in. Well written post.

Had to go searching for a blog and found this one about American Idol.

Jose said...

1. "Washington Interns Gone Bad"

This blog is full of current political events.

All about American Idol

KarenW said...

1. Sweet Home Alabama links to the wild fires in Florida

2. Here's a blog that's all about reality TV.

K 3 said...

1.This is nice blog that I often visit and today is a little emotional one about adoption.

2. Reality show

amy said...

I enjoyed all of your searches so far and went to every link today and enjoyed them, not that I havent visited before..This was our lowest turnout so far..1 day left guys...YOU CAN DO IT!!

booklogged said...

1. This typepad blog called HouseChurchBlog has an excerpt from an ABC News article and a link to the article. The excerpt discusses the new trend in churches. Small groups meet in someone's home and discuss their lives and have prayers. This nontraditional form of worship is referred to as house churches.

2. I found a whole blog dedicated to reality shows. It’s called The most recent posts feature comments and videos about American Idol.

Eye of the Rainbow said...
Stephanie's has an article.
they are talking about Donald trump's "youre fired"

Heart of Rachel said...

1) News article
Apples-Pie talks about "new system that opened in a Tokyo hospital called Stork’s Cradle. This Catholic run hospital set up drop-boxes in the hopes of discouraging parents to abandon their children in parks, and other public places that are potentially harmful to them.

2.) Reality Show Topic
Ceskypoohtalks about Pinoy Big Brother (Philippine version of Big Brother).