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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Welcome to the Scavenger Hunt!

Day 1 of 21 of the Blogging Scavenger Hunt! The first day will be a bit rocky, but we will get this started and have some fun!!!

here are 3 questions or things to find today!! Todays questions do not have to come from the blogging participants, just any blog in general. These are actually kind of easy, but we are just getting started.

Todays questions can be answered directly on this post!!!! Don't forget to ask your readers to help you.

1) Find a blog that has a YouTube video that makes you laugh! Post the link here!

2)Find a blog with photos from a Family Vacation (i had disney on here, but I couldnt find 3)!!!!!

3)Locate a blogger who is passionate about their job.

Just for today, visit a blog on my blogroll whom you dont know and tell them we said hello!!!! Let us know who you picked and what they are talking about today..

Want an early extra point, go send some encouragement to valtool's box!!!!

Dont worry, the rest of the hunt will be more interesting.. Looking for ideas!!!!! if I use your ideas, you get a free point for the day..Email me your ideas on what to look for at

Hints will be given the evening before if there is one. You have 24 hours to work on each days theme.
Also, there has been an anonymous gift donated to the hunt, valued at 50$. Details to be given!!!!


Lynne said...

Ooh! I'm first!

1. Funny you-tube video - I found one at on her April 14 post.

2. Photos from Disney vacation - If that would also include a Disney cruise, Amy - you have pictures posted at on March 30.

3. Someone passionate about their job - Jean at is a music teacher at a middle school and posts often about her students and their musical productions.

I just visited Not Quite What I Had Planned - she had a post yesterday (with music!) about a robin's nest next to her garage.

Visited Michael's blog - have fun at the game tonight!

This is fun!!

Brandy said...


2.) Three Beautiful Girls

3.) TallSkinnyKiwi

His job: Project Director for the Boaz Project. Also developing a support structure for church in the emerging culture

Blog visited:
Big Blueberry Eyes (I liked the name)

And I sent some encouragement to Valtool's Box as well.


HomeSchool Mommy said...

I visited "Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood". She listed for Tuesday. She also talked about her body hurting from outside work. I can SO relate.

1. Funny YouTube video-- on his 3/27 post.

2. Photos from family vacation--

3. Passionate about job--

I visited Michael's blog (I do everyday)...awesome first day!

Michelle said...

1. Funny you-tube video (this one always cracks me up!) on

2. Blog w/pics from a family vacation:

3. Passionate about their job: "Catch" at is a caregiver and enjoys what she does.

Left encouragement for Michael.

I visited It Coulda' Been Worse - she's blogging about a weight loss challenge and a new blog started by a fellow blogger.

That was fun Amy!

Debi said... we go...

(Steve Irwin meets Ross the Intern on Nino's blog)

(family ski trip on Gail's blog)

(Maggie, the passionate librarian, is not just working on her town, but she's trying to get all of Mississippi reading!)

I visited Not Quite What I Had Planned. Loved her post from Monday about her kids having a tough time with Mondays..."my legs are nauseous".

Visited Michael, and wished him a Phillie's victory tomorrow.


De said...


Loves their job:


TeaMouse said...

1. Here is a funny You Tube video also provided by JennyMcB -

2. Kelli has 3 photos of Disney pics -

3. My DH, is passionate about his job and even during the crazy week of Holy Week it took the time to post a lovely Reflection on the Cross.

I stopped by All Things Avery from the blogroll. I had never been there before. Today she is talking about how she feels about giving up nursing.

Encouraged Michael - I hope you both suceed in getting healthy before your trip to China! Take it day by day and don't panic over the odd slip up.

Lynn said...

1. Funny you tube video - I was doing my Monday Madness blog hop and chanced upon a funny commercial video from

2. Disney vacation photos - Okay, I found this blog which had disney photos of his family from a recent vacation.

3. Passionate about their job -, check out the link. The blogger's passionate about his job in IT and his photography and problogging. I just have to look around the list from the Philippine Blog Awards website to look for this. :)

I visited A Day in the Life of Three Beautiful Girls from your list. The latest post was about exercising through walking to and from the grocery.

Haha, visited Michael's blog and posted a comment on his 'Exercise needs and reality' post. :)

YoungMommy said...

1. Stephanie has some cute You-Tube videos (the animals making human sounds made me and my kids laugh!) --

2. Here are photos from the Watters family vacation in Laguna Beach (beautiful sunset pictures) --

3. Melissa is very passionate about her job as a mother to four adorable girls --

I visted Stephanie at Adventures in the 100 Acre Wood -- She posted today about the great weather they are having and how hard they have been working to build a fence around their pasture. She also posted some very helpful links!

Visited your hubby's blog, too... You guys are great!

Jessica Morris said...

1 - has a funny video of an angry baseball fan.

2 -
can we do ourselves?? w just got back from vaca!

3 - Michelle at is a MOM - which is a 24/7 job. I admire her SO much!! I love her blog - she is definitely passionate and knowledgeable about her job as a mom to a daughter with downs.

I visited Deb at
She is talking today about how she tried to get the whole family to clean their pool ... but the vacuum was broken!!

Jessica Morris said...

oh ya - i tagged you on my blog!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Ok, Amy:
1. Funny you-tube video-

2. Photo's from Disney:

3. Someone Passionate about their job: - Shauna just is getting her first book published.

Today I visited GreenTuna which happened to also have a funny you tube video and some kibbles and bits.
Now I'm popping over the visit Val's Toolbox!
Have a great day :)

primarycolors said...

This one is hilarious (to me anyway)... Sarcastic Darth Vader

I found a vacation in the mountains on This Mom's Journey...

And I know someone very passionate about their job... my college roomie Jen who is hard at work starting up Young Life in her town. She is also a mommy to some pretty adorable triplets.

And last but not least, I visited Life is Rantastic (found on the blogroll) and laughed out loud. Go read about Angelina Jolie and her daughter's birthday party.

Heart of Rachel said...

1) Find a blog that has a YouTube video that makes you laugh! Post the link here!
Found this one: (Hilarous Water Bloopers on You Tube)

2)Find a blog with photos from a Family Vacation
(Lovely photos of the family at the lake.)

3)Locate a blogger who is passionate about their job. (a pediatrician who loves his work.)

Just visited Valtool's Box just a few minutes ago.

Dewey said...

1.Funny youtube:

2. Vacation photos:

3. Passionate about her job:

Sparky Duck said...

who doesnt love triumph?

2.The Desert Songbird actually made indianapolis look interesting.
The Ice Box: Desert Songbird, Unplugged (The Long Play Version)

3.Kailani at An Island Life told me she loves her job, I have to believe her.

I popped by Martinis on the Rocks, naturally and she was actually showing off rocks from Japan

Jose said...

1) I found a funny video in one of my favoite sites called as I am one of the only Sanjaya's fans alive I love this spoof of him.

Sanjaya's Anthem
April 6, 2007

2) Luna, from Luna's Celtic Realm just went on vacation to Disneyland and she had a contest where we needed to guess how many Mickey Mouse like things she could photograph. I didn't win.

3) My friend EC from "Whatever Blows Your skirt" is very passionate about her work, she has been freelance writting for a while now and she gets so excited everytime she gets a new gig. Read about it here:

I visited "Life is RANTastic!" right off your sidebar. The Rock Chick just got her TMJ splint from the dentist and she is talking about how people are telling her she looks like Angelina Jolie. I don't know if that's a blessing or a curse.

Well that's it for me today, looking forward to tomorrow.

Jennifer said...

OK - Kim has an adorable clip of her little boy scootin' around. (I just realized this isn't technically a you-tube - does it still count?)

Bev shares about her vacation cruise, and makes you feel like you were on it with her.

I know Jan is passionate about her job. She is a TLC consultant, and fantastic at it! Not to mention a homeschool mom - and is passionate about it too.

Being a Southern Girl myself, I had to check out Southern Girl. She is talking about May Day, childhood memories, flipping the calendar and Clay Aiken!

Now to head over to your hubby's blog!

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. a great spoof on an 80's music video.
2. Joel and Kim's family vacation to Canada
3. has got to be Jessamyn :

I visited and left her a message. She wrote about justifying what I want to do vs. what I should do.
I thought the questions were fun. :-} Oh, I just read the first post and she went to the same blog that I did!
I also visited Valtool's box but do to sound restrictions, I wasn't able to play the video and I love Adam Pascal!

Anonymous said...

This was fun:

1~ You Tube Video That Makes Me Laugh: Scamp and Her Momma Singing...

2~ Family Vacation Pics: Big Blueberry Eyes ...

3~ Someone Passionate About Her Job: Susan is a Teacher and she's so full of passion ...

Extra Credit: I visited your husband's blog and left a message.

Assignment: I stopped by to visit A Southern Girls Guide to almost Anything. She was talking about May Day and how the new month brings a fresh new block of days ahead! :o)

Agapetospaidiske said...

Just in case I got lost, I'm actually Movie Girl but it shows up under Agapetospaidiske. :-}

DebD said...

Wow- there are going to be so many to watch.... sadly, I fell down on the first question. Unless my own blog counts I couldn't find a YouTube on anyone's blog :( I'll certainly enjoy looking at the others though.

2 - My friend Jimmie has excellent pix of her vacation to Singapore:
Jimmie's Travels

3. Someone who loves their job. My blogging friend Andy is a hsing dad, PT Minister and FT Lobster fisherman... very cool
Where in the World

I visited Life is RANTastic! and left a message.

I'll try to go visit Michael's blog in a bit.

Mercy's Maid said...

1. Funny Youtube-Scroll down to Feb. 21st, 2007

2. Family Vacation--

3.Passionate blogger- she's passionate about teaching!

I chose this blog from your sidebar:

Her entry was short and sweet today. She talked about a trip she took with her girls.

Visited your hubby's blog.

Amy said...

1.This might be a familiar site to you, but my favorite one was Eat It by Weird Al @

2. Christine is one of my favorites and I loved these pics because they included a picture of a giraffe!

3. Okay, I really am not trying to suck up here, but I will never forget reading this post: I know how much you love and care for your patients AND their families as well. I can tell that when they are hurting you are too.

I visited Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane and told her Hello for you! She is asking for ideas for salad toppings!

Amy, this took me a long time to gather the info, BUT it is already so much fun!!!!! Thank you for hostessing fun contests!

Sarah said...

1. Funny YouTube video of talking cats can be found at

2.Photos of a family vacation can be found at

3. Someone passionate about their job, which is being a rabbit can be found at

I visited A Chelsea Morning, she is celebrating her Blogiversary and her daughter's 26th birthday.

I've been to visit Michael's blog and enjoyed the Mandy Moore video.

DebD said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Soccer Girl said...

Can eleven year olds play, too?
And do I get extra points for youthfulness?!

1) Find a blog that has a YouTube video that makes you laugh! Post the link here!
(Dumplings, Three...a scary Mary Poppins!)

2)Find a blog with photos from a Family Vacation:
(Three Peas in a Pod's Travelogue of a vacation on horseback in the Canadian Rockies)

3)Locate a blogger who is passionate about their job:
(A Young Asian School Teacher in the rugged Yukon Territories of Canada. She is passionate about teaching and about life.)

I visited: (said "Hi!"...she was talking about a weight loss challenge!)

Then I sent some encouragment Michael's way.


TheSlyCat said...

1. Funny video: check out the music video at the bottom.

That's all I've got.

Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Hmmm, not big on YouTube here so I had to work on it.

1. YouTube - this one is NOT funny, but thankfully, it all turned out OK. Fox news footage of a toddler being hit at a football game. As Sparky Duck states it, someone is in the dog house, namely the parents who should have been watching that baby. Here. Sorry, didn't find a funny one as I don't tend to read a lot of blogs that do YouTube videos :(

2. Vacation - Kim at Kim's Candor and her beautiful family recently went to Disney. Some of the pictures are here

3. Job Passion - ok, I mostly read mom blogs, so I could post a ton of links to moms who homeschool and do an outstanding job of raising their kids. Not the "traditional" job passion, depends on what you are looking for.

Finally, I visited Deb over at Deb on the run ( :)

Cyndi said...

i have to go with steven on all of those. he has family pictures,a funny video and some work blogs right now.

gail said...

This one took me some time to do!

1. Youtube video...I like this one over at Southern girl's place!

2. Photos from vacation...Kim and her family had a wonderful time recently at Disney

3. Someone passionate about their job....most of the blogs I read are of stay at home moms but I like Barb's and she loves being at home!

and Laura over at Organizing Junkie is passionate about organizing!

From your blogroll, I visited It Coulda Been Worse and she wrote today about a weight loss challenge and a friend starting a blog for that!

Special K said...

1. A YouTube video that made me laugh. Check out Cady dancing.

2. Blog with pics of family vacation: Check out Nathan at the aquarium.

3. Someone passionate about their job: My bloggy friend Kathy is a teacher with great passion for her students.

I am so proud of you and Michael for your commitment to your health. I'll try not to be a bad influence on Friday.

Now we're off to trivia too!

Myrna said...

1. YouTube video
All Things Avery on 4/26 post

2. Vacation Photos
Blessed Beyond Measure cruise pics

3. Beth Moore on LPM Blog as evidenced by YouTube on 4/30

4. Visited Southern Girl at
She had a post about the 5m4m Mother's Day giveaway

5. Visited Valtools Box
Left encouraging comment


booklogged said...

1. Carpe Crustulum has a video that explains How the blonde thing all began.

2. Yeah, I like it too shows family pictures in D.C. at the statue called Awakening.

3. Dolce Bellezza has taught elementary children for 23 years and is still diligent and in love with her job.

4. I visited Krisite's blog, Not Quite What I Had Planned. She had the cheerful "Rockin' Robin" playing (I was bobbing my head and tapping my foot) and she wrote the most reasonalbe post about justification. I am hoping she can justify sharing her husband credit card number with me! tehe!

5. Congratulated Michael on his healthy lifestyle choices and watched that handsome guy sing, Suddenly Seymour.

The Rock Chick said...

Ok, I have to cheat just a bit here because I'm running out of time today....

#1 and #2 I have to pick Jessica Morris at The videos she has of her son make me smile. He is just the cutest thing and his expressions are priceless. She also has some great hostorical photos on her site from her recent trip!!

#3) Someone really dedicated to their work is Mira/Confessions of a Sophisticated Writer. I just love her blog!!! http://just-sophisticated.

I picked "Big Blueberry Eyes" as a new blog to visit and wow amd I glad that I did. I couldn't stop reading (which is why I'm forced to cheat by using Jessica Morris twice!). Fabulous blog and she's right, her daughter really does have big blueberry eyes. Beautiful!!!!!!

Looking forward to tomorrows contest. Thanks for letting me play after the street lights came on!!!

Jessica The Rock Chick

JennyMcB said...

1. funny you tube video- Today's post over at A little piece of Me (

2. Photos from Palm Tree Fanatic, April 11th, Great wolf Lodge

3. Someone passionate about their job:
So wrapped up in finishing a book that she went out to eat with dirty hair.

Homeschool Mommy has her menu up for this week!

K 3 said...

Good Luck everyone.

Here goes:
1. YouTube Video:

2. Photos from a vacation:

3. A passionate mom who loves to take pictures -

I stopped by 'Unseal my lips' - there is a wonderful "wordless Wednesday" pic of her son walking today.

Visited Michael's blog ...

Karen said...

1. I am going to "cheat" a bit and use Steven at: Due to technical difficulties I am unable to actually view the YouTube videos at the moment, but Steven posts funny ones on a regular basis, so I choose him (his most recent is April 29, unfortunately I can't watch it:-().

2. Photos from a family vacation: She is one of my fave blogs to read. The post is March 9, 2007...hopefully the link works!

3. Passionate about job: This is my RL friend from highschool. Her self assigned "second" job is reviewing TV shows and hosting her webpage/forum, and she is quite passionate about it!

I stopped by: and she was talking about the return of Victoria magazine!

Visited Michael, he is doing great with the weight loss!

Larry said...

Here goes, Day 1 answers:
1. You Tube funny from The Presurfer
2. Blog with family vacation photos: This Mom's Journey
3. Blogger passionate about his work: The Adventures of Accordion Guy in the 21st Century
From Amy's blogroll, visited Ms Maggie Moo Talks 2 U (blog name caught my eye). Her May 1 post celebrates the start of May and includes a 4 question meme
Also visited Michael's blog today.
Phew, 20 more days of hunting around could tire a person out LOL

KarenW said...

1) Find a blog that has a YouTube video that makes you laugh! Post the link here!

2)Find a blog with photos from a Family Vacation

3)Locate a blogger who is passionate about their job. Not his job that he just resigned from but his job as a pastor.

Laura said...

1) Okay - funniest YouTube vid I've seen in a LONG time (with useful social commentary) -

2) Vacation photos -
Amber at Crazy Blogging Canuck's got some up here:

3) Passionate about their Job? I know that my bud Carolyn at Scrapping Servant loves her work in scrapbooking. Check her out (and her upcoming scrapping party with contest!)

Ruth said...

Funny You Tube video, I love Leslie's blog -

Disney Vacation Photos -

Jenny loves her job at the hospital -

I visited Stephanie from your sidebar at she did a 13 list about how she is not a superwoman, but I think all moms are!!

Eye of the Rainbow said...



3--- Ive been reading her blog for a while, she runs a resort in belize and loves it.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I forgot I stopped by and said HI

Cyndi said...


Heidi said...

1. All things Avery - Video on April 21st post titled "All Good Naps must come to an end" on

2. On Adventures in the 100 acre wood , Stephanie posted about their vacation to NC

3.Tasara Dawson from real women scrap is very passionate!

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

1. Funny - Exploring The Shift

2. A family Runs through it (

3.primarycolors Location: Alabama : United States
I am a working stay at home mom to three beautiful girls. When I am not taking care of sweet little babies I am busy being a freelance artist.(3 Beautiful Girls)

I visited Three Beautiful Girls and Tuna News

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

Oh yes - also visited Michael

Sanni said...

Better late than never:

1.) Lizza has posted the I will survive alien

2.) Family Fun in Fiji - Nooooo, I´m not jealous ;)

3.) Our wonderful flight attendent Kailaini

When visiting Michael today I fell head over feet in love with cute little Pixel!

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