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Friday, May 11, 2007

Saturday Post

1) A lot of people participate in the Saturday Photo Hunt. FInd a blog with a cool picture this week. It doesnt have to be scavenger hunt participant

2) Since there are no questions on Sunday, spend the weekend commenting on 5 blogs that are participating in the scavenger hunt. try to visit some you dont usually visit!!!!

Let me know which numbers ...

Its almost over guys..Hang in there!!!!!

this is being done early because i will not be near a computer until noon tomorrow..I know, scary. But wait til you hear why..curious?
you must wait my blogging friends


Brandy said...

1. Joe Cool (#55) has some pretty cool pictures of the wedding he went to.

2. I'm a little bored right now ... and took a late nap, so I'm not tired even though it is late ... so I did this now. Here are the 5 I visited:
*Stine (#50) -- her PPP post was interesting.
*Laura (#90) -- the YouTube video she posted of her lil' one was adorable!
*Myrna (#44) -- her post on her dolls (one in particular) was interesting
*Kailani (#19) -- I've seen that daily prayer somewhere before ... it's always made me chuckle
*Janne (#94) -- ROCK ON!! I LOVE Bejeweled!!

Jose said...

I'll participate tomorrow but today I ask for a favor. A friend of mine graduated from Law School today and I would like to use the power of your blog to send as many people to his blog and congratulate him. He is one of the coolest dudes you'll ever meet.

Here's the URL:

I hope a couple of our Scavenger Hunt friends go and visit.


Oh, and I do have lots of cool pictures from my daughters wedding. Thanks Brandy for the visit.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

1. I visited This blog had cute pictures of her childhood.

2. I visited #9 Stacy, She was talking about pizza and it made me hungry.
# 58 JaridCaydon, she just got an awesome new hairdo :)
# 70, debi, she had an interesting post about kids and braces.
#79, Sue I really enjoyed reading her blog and plan to go back.
#60.Anna Mary, She is a military wife and I think very highly of what she is going through.

DebD said...

1) My HSing friend Jimmie has an fun photo of some signs seen in China:
Funny English Signs

2) I visited:
#38- Hootin'Annie - she managed to take a pix of her clock right at 5:55AM
#44 Myrna - and she collects Mary Dolls
#47 Green Tuna - has written a Haiku
#48 -Booklegged is talking about vacation..perhaps Canada this year
# 19 Kailani at Island Life. She's trying to figure out how to celebrate Mother's Day

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. 86. Eye of the Rainbow has gorgeous pictures of her trip to Canada (land that I love).
2. I commented on 10. Amy's Laughing through the Tears. She is also a channel surfer. :-}
24. Kristy. She commented that she feels guilty reading at work, while I work at a library and reading is part of my job.
69. Maggie. She recommends reading Karin Slaughter books, which I love.
75. Janeen. She posted an announcement of food allergy week.
53. Larry followed up on his, what kind of hangers do you use post with a question on what else do you do with hangers. My answer was not so exciting.

Jennifer said...

1. There is a cool picture of turtles here, as well as some other great ones as well.

2. I visited and commented numbers 14, 19, 89, 87 & 63

Amy said...

1. Yesterday, Friday May 11th my new friend Kimmy posted this pic and I thought you might get a chuckle out of it:

2. I visited:
#1, #4, #13, #18 and #58. I think I will actually take some more time today while the family is gone and get to know some of the other contestants too!

Amy, I hope you have a Very Happy Mother's Day!

dewey said...

Thank you for the mother's day wish. :)

1. I visited a cup of tea and a wheat penny. This post not only shows several photographs, but is about photography in general.

2. I finally found the list of participants and BOOKMARKED IT, as suggested. Feeling smarter today! ;)

#93 Darcy (Link is broken so I went instead to...)

#92 Shoshana: She has five ADORABLE children.

#80 Sannis: She has lost 135 pounds!

#67 Bookokie: She reviewed Eight Cousins, a book that's been on my wishlist forever.

#63 Movie Girl: She interviewed you!

#61 Ingrid: She's featuring a writer of the month.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. :
He has pictures of his kitty toes for today photo hunt theme of 5.
2. #4 Janene: An interview done by Cyndi.
#21 Diane: Thankful Thursday
#25 PJ: Picture of 4 beautiful daughter and funny Veggie Tales video.
#60 Anna Mary: TT regarding vets and some things we can do to help/honor them. Great post. Thanks Anna Mary and thanks Old Man!
#86-Eye of the rainbow: WW pic from her Canada trip.

Lynne said...

1. LibertyBell ( has a picture of 5 Romanian dancers.

1. Visited:

#60 - Anna Mary - She has a Thursday 13 about support for the military.

#44 - Myrna - She has a post about a Mary Hartline doll that her husband got for her.

#40 - Chelle - She has a post about attending a fundraising planning party with strangers - but there are Margaritas involved.

#74 - Lynn - She has a picture of her daughter at age 5.

#25 - PJ - She has an introduction to The Twilight Zone.

Jenny McB said...

Photo Hunters- #75 - Janeen's two boys playing in the sandbox, I remember those much easier back then.

#94 Janne's Jabberwocky - has a link for a free Bejeweled game and she has not had a healthy week.

#80 Sanni
Coffee 2 go- here last post was written on Monday and she wrote about stress and what a busy week she had ahead of her.

#63 Movie Girl
Has a list up of all the movies she has seen...don't know how she can remember them all!

#45 Lynne's Little Corner
Has a book review for David Baldacci's Simple Genius- she wasn't impressed!

# 14 Goofy Girl
Has a nice, original idea for Photo hunt today, five pictures of friends.

# 4 Janene
Has interview answers that are very timely to Mother's Day!

Michelle said...

1. Cool picture for Sat Photo Hunt: It's Always a Production:

5 blogs I visited:
#23 Adven. in Babywearing (she got a display model porch swing for $35!)

#38 Hootin' Annie - cool shot of alarm clock showing 5:55

#63 Movie Girl= has a long list of movies she's seen

#86 Eye of the Rainbow -pictures up from their trip to Canada

#89 Ruth - her 3 kids all received some very special awards at their Awana ceremony

K 3 said...

1. Saturday Photo Hunt - The last one is really funny!!!

2. I visited:
#50 - Stine - She has some great Saturday Hunt snaps of her family and puppies!!!
#47 - Green Tuna
#63 - Movie Girl
#65 - Stephanie
#88 - Sara

Happy Mother's Day!!
Have a great weekend!

Lynn said...

1. I love the starfish photo from

2. Blogs visited and commented on: #72 Brandy, #92 Shoshana, #50 Stine, #54 Caylynn, #75 Janeen.

Jose said...

1. I stopped by #38 Hottin' Anni's blog, she has some ineresting and nice pictures posted there. Also a week ago she posted that she is quiting smoking. Let's show her some support.

2. My plan was to visit my fellow male participants, however I only found two. I didn't count Michael because I have visited his site in the past. I could be wrong but I think there are only four of us guys participating (I am assuming that sylvester the cat is a guy... lol).

I visited the following blogs:
#82 Sylvester of "Sly Likes Things" Took me a while to realize that this bloger is a cat and is spoiled rotten as he gets the things he wants.

#53 Larry of "Larry Hnetka Goes HMmmm" It was nice to find out that he is also a fellow photo hunter. I don't participate in many of this things, but I love taking photographs and so that was a good site to join.

#11 Michelle of "Big Blueberry Eyes" There is plenty of good reads on this blog not to mention the most adorable little girl with the most beautiful blue eyes. Don't believe me, visit her and see for yourself.

#15 Dee of "Just Another Day In Paradise", great blog desing.

#44 Myrna "Cherish... the word!"


Goofy Girl said...

1. I loved Jennifer's pic for the photohunt, her hubby as a kid with puppies. Just so cute - cute kid and cute puppies!

2. Opps I forgot to keep track of which numbers I visited!! I need to get to other things, :( but I had fun visiting people and leaving them comments! (even if I don't get credit)

KarenW said...

1. Cool Photo Hunt picture -

2. I commented on - #23, #46, #51, #64,#67

booklogged said...

1. Write From Karen participates in the Saturday Photo Hunt.

2. I commented on
#18 Karen's Ten on Tuesday post about songs that make her sad.

#39 Karen's Thursday Thirteen about 13 children's books she loves.

#46 Karen's post at Over the Back Fence about things she wants, loves, thinks, dreams, hates, etc.

I learned what a 'paper pregnancy is from#81 Karen's blog Ladman's Chinese Takeout

Since I ran out of Karen's I visited K3's blog and found out she was celebrating her first mother's day.

Heart of Rachel said...

1) Saturday Photo Hunt
Maleah interesting SPH entry is a "fivety foot tall saxophone made from Volkswagens."

2.) Comment on 5 blogs participating on SPH

#19 - Kailani - She is off to Disneyland with her family
#38 - Hootin Annie - interesting shot of her car clock
#50 - Stine - featured litter of 5 puppies
#55 - Joe Cool - great shots of places
# 74 -Lynn - her entry is about lovely daughter

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