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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Today's Scavenger Hunt Question posted below..scroll down

Monday is over..On to Tuesday, a day off.. Got home and Lucy and I napped downstairs until about 2pm. Trivia is tonight and I am not as excited about it as I usually am. Hopefully I will wake up more and perk up..House still is still totally unorganized and although I have the desire and motivation to make this a warm and inviting home, I have no idea where to start.

Yesterdays SH questions was great, although it was our lowest turnout so far..There were some great recipes posted and I hope you guys check them out.

We also have our 1st 2 squares posted at the Christopher Quilt site.. For more info on that, click here!

Last week for the hunt! Its been fun..Its not that hard, and I can not wait to add the points up. TO me that's fun, perhaps I am odd. Will I do another contest? Yes!!!! You guys have given me great input!! Details to come later this month.

Last thought for now until I come back with extra credit for the hunt!!!

What are your favorite cds/songs/albums of all time? If you could only listen to 5 for the rest of your life, what would they be???


ChupieandJ'smama said...

I don't have "favorites of all time". I have favorites "right now". Right now I'm listening to Jason Mraz: Mr. A to Z and it is my favorite. LOVE IT!
I guess Duran Duran Rio will always be a favorite. Anything by Frank Sinatra. Edwin McCain: I Could Not Ask For More (our wedding song). Throw in something Heavy Metal to round it out. Maybe some 70's Kiss.
I like all types of music (not too big on rap). Do I pass? Do I get the extra credit? :)

TeaMouse said...

I love Michael Buble but I am also stuck in the 80's and I love listening to Air Supply's 'Making Love Out of Nothing At All'. Throw in a little bit of disco say some 'Staying Alive' or 'Jive Talking' and maybe just maybe some 'Beat It' and I'd probably be set.

Cyndi said...

my 5 favorite songs are
1Only God knows why Kid rock
2amazing Grace Judy Collins version(it was played at Dan's funeral and it is such a beautiful version of that song) great thou art elvis's 1version
4.dream on areosmith
5if you want me to ginny owens

5 cds of all time
1Jimi Hendrix the Jimi Hendrix experience
2the Pixies Sufer Rosa
3elvis presley you'll never walk alone
4nickleback all the right reasons
5steve miller band greatest hits

Brandy said...

I couldn't pick just 5 favorite songs. There's just waaaay too many great songs out there to pick only 5!

5 cd's for the rest of my life? Hmmm.

1. Scott Stapp "The Great Divide"
2. Jeremy Camp "Carried Me: The Worship Project"
3. Carrie Underwood "Some Hearts"
4. En Vogue "EV3"
5. Kirk Franklin "The Rebirth of Kirk Franklin Live"

Whew. That was tough!

Heart of Rachel said...

I checked your Christopher Quilt site and it's great.

My 5 favorite songs are:

1. Porcelain - Julia Fordham
2. Towerblock - Julia Fordham
3. Sunshine - Gabrielle
4. If Feels Like Home
5. Dreamwalking

Anna Mary said...

Where did this week go? I have to scramble and catch up!!

I have the best 5 favorites of all time. Joss Stone, Candlebox, Cranberries, John Mayer, and DMB! All their songs and albums are all amazing!!

Ooohh, I have a question for the hunt! Who's husband is FINALLY on his way home from a long, hard, deployment to Iraq! :) Thanks for all your support these past nine months Amy!! My husband's almost home, weeeeeee!!

Sanni said...

Oh my, I´m sorry, Amy. My ipod is close to burst, there are 100s of CDs and tons records at our place. I can´t choose - all I can say: I can´t live without music.

Dew said...

The most immediate favorite that comes to mind is Dark Side of the Moon, by Pink Floyd.

I love Radiohead, and would have to have at least one of their CDs. I'd maybe pick OK Computer.

I'd need a Queen album. Not a greatest hits, yuck. I'd probably go with A Day at the Races.

I'd have to pick the first Indigo Girls album, too.

And then... probably Adore by the Smashing Pumpkins. It's not that great an album, but it's sort of "our" album for my husband and me.

Amy said...

This is a hard question Amy. I won't pick the actual cd, but I'll tell you the artists:

1. 4Him
2. Steven Curtis Chapman
3. Donny Osmond
4. Josh Groban
5. John Elefante (christian artist who used to be with Kansas)

K 3 said...

I listen to a lot of Indian songs ... songs by A.R.Rehman(from his early days are the best) Apart from that I listen to Shania, Celine, Gwen, and Raghav (Canadian singer)

Agapetospaidiske said...

My top five of the moment are:
1. Amy Winehouse, back to Black
2. My Chemical Romance, The Black Parade
3. Soundtrack to Wicked
4. Blue October's Foiled
5. Soundtrack to Rent, the movie version over the Broadway version