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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Thursday, May 17, 2007

Fridays Feast


List 3 emotions you experienced this week.
happiness. we are close to our 1 month anniversary of our LID towards our adoption
heavy heart- have friends going through a difficult time
peace- sister was in town and we had some girl time

Name a car you’d love to have.
if there were no gas issues a big SUV but only if I didn't have to worry about parking. If not, I would love to have a blazer again..Just something safe

Describe your typical morning routine.
With working nights, I get home in the morning and watch tv with Lucy the basset hound. We try to take a quick walk around the circle but some times I am too tired and then I go to bed. If I haven't worked..wake up, gym, laundry, dishes and then nap
Main Course

Have you ever emailed someone famous? If so, who, and what did you say to them? Did they reply? There are a couple of contemporary Christian singers I have corresponded with. I emailed Delilah the radio host 6 years ago and she called me asking me to read my email on the air..I was embarrassed and said no!!

Do you listen to podcasts? If so, which ones?
Nope, don't have an IPOD or MP3 but really want one


tegdirb92 said...

Great feast and congrats on the one year anniversary of LID!! I heard that this months China batch is supposed to be BIG...but you know rumours! Have a wonderful weekend.

Christina said...

Great feast! I would drive an SUV too if it weren't for the gas. Happy Friday!!

SASSY MOM said...

wonderful feast!

hear ya on SUV's, although I still dream of owning one.

Melody said...

Hi Amy, great feast!
Hope you have a great weekend.

Gattina said...

And what about poor Lucy if you go to bed ?? Does she continue watch TV or walks herself around alone ?

annie said...

I enjoyed your feast!
My Life as Annie!

GIL said...


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

Great feast! That's really cool that Delilah called you - you should have agreed and been on the radio :)

Have a great day and a great weekend :)

Anonymous said...

You told Delilah no?! Shame on you, LOL! Great feast! Mine's up!

Bea said...

SUV's seem to be what everyone wants. I'm guilty as well.

Kim said...

Wonderful feast today. I like your main course. You should have read your email...but I probably would have done the same thing.

My feast is up...come on over!

Kellie said...

Great Feast. Happy Weekend!!!

Amy said...

I can't believe you told Delilah no! That's crazy. You don't seem like the super shy type to me. I guess you really can't know someone just from blogville though, huh? Have a great weekend!

Joseph C. Harris said...

Great feast. An SUV would be nice, but i'm with ya on the gas. My feast is now up along with my question of the week.