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Monday, May 14, 2007

Could be a long post

First off, the following blogs (plug!!!) have been recently updated!

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This weekend was awesome, and a bit odd. Let me start from the beginning.

Last Thursday night, I worked until 7am. I came home and took Lucy for her weekend boarding and some doggie day care. I came home and slept from 930-130 and got ready for class. We are changing over to computerized charting tomorrow night so as a resource nurse, I take more classes than others. I didn't have to be that awake as it was a review, which I am thankful for. I got home around 10pm and Michael and I packed and got ready to leave. He was able to take an evening nap.

We stopped for a snack at McDonalds where I wanted a sandwich and a new Shrek milkshake which is advertised. Sweet Michael ordered and the dude at the window kept asking "Chocolate or Vanilla"? We were a bit confused because they only come in green. After a few frustrating moments, we had our unhealthy but tasty and delicious snack and away we went. Stopped for gas once and made it in record time. The only drama to take place was in Jacksonville. We crossed the big bridge and at the bottom were several police cars with their lights on. Michael slowed down and we noticed a car that had been in a serious accident..We kept driving but then I saw feet, feet under a white sheet. Okay, I am a nurse and I deal with death. I don't deal with it often and this freaked me out. I mean, in an instant, the mans life ended and others lives were affected..Was he married? Did he have kids? Was he going to visit his mom? Now I assume its a man because of the dress shoes. It made me sad and I said a prayer for his family..

We arrived in Edgewater at 530am and since it was a surprise and I didn't want to give my parents heart attacks, we slept in the car for an hour. We walked to the back door and noticed mom asleep on the couch. Yeah! We knocked lightly and boy was she surprised. We said hello and Michael went to sleep.

When I go to Edgewater, it is customary to visit some garage sales. I dont know why they have so many or so much cool junk, but they do. Typically sister Kelly goes with me, but this time I took Mom. What did I get you ask? 2 kids books, an Asian China Doll (if you are reading for the first time, Michael and I are adopting a baby girl from China), a DVD and book for Michael and a few other things. Mom got some cool clay pitcher things. I have no idea what you call them.

After visiting the sales, sister Kelly and Janie Seth and Owen came to visit and we got in the pool. Dang it was cold. That didn't last long. Michael went on an errand with my dad and to finish Mothers Day shopping. I took a nap and then we did our trip to Shells for dinner. Michael met us there and we all had a good time. After dinner, Kelly stayed and watched the Lost Daughters of China video with us. I was guess mom would cry before Kelly..I was wrong, I was the first to tear up. If you have not seen this and are interested in whats going on with our adoption, please ask me about it!!!!

After that, Michael and I and Mom and Dad watched Night at the Museum and my parents enjoyed it. Off to night night land.

Sunday morning,we got up hoping to hit Cracker Barrel for breakfast. Uhm, we saw the line and said no..7 Eleven hot dogs will have to do. I'm not kidding.

Once we got to Orlando, we parked outside Michael's moms house and called her to wish her a happy mothers day. It was cute. Michael rang the door bell and on the phone she says "Hold on, I think the Church people are back".!! Heehee. She opened the door and there we were! Another surprise!!!!

We took her out to lunch and came back on watched the China video again. I took another nap and was awoken at 5pm as we were walking over to Tim an Merry's house (Michael's brother) for dinner. We were able to visit with Basil who was oh so very sweet and friendly. I hope Michael got some cute pics..We hope to put some up.

After our visit, we walked back to Michael's moms house, gave her her gifts and watched the Survivor finale..Holy Cow!!! that's all I am saying..
After waking up every few hours (I had a hard time sleeping, must be because of that silly nap) I got up at 9 and Michael and his mom were awake. She always makes some chipped beef and gravy and its quite yummy. We watched some TV and packed the car and headed home and then I got surprise. Michael made a stop a uniform studio and pretty much said "Have Fun" and I got some new scrubs!!! Yeah for me!!!

After a quick stop at Publix for another healthy meal of subs, we came home, started laundry and watched the finale of How I Met Your Mother!! I love this show!!!

Once again, I tried to sleep an hour ago and was unsuccessful.. I'm heading back now!! Thanks for reading!
P.S We almost have a name!!!

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Debi said...

Wow! Now that was one busy weekend! I'll bet you both made your moms awfully happy!

Barb said...

Hi Amy,

I'm dropping in to thank you for the prayers you offered up for my little grandson, Cameron. His diagnosis is sinking in a little now and we're all learning to accept that this is his new life. Your prayers mean the world to me.

Amy said...

I understand completely your feelings and thoughts about the accident. I am the same way.

Your trip sounds like so much fun! I love surprising people like that and I bet that made each of their day's much more special!

We watched Night at the Museum too. Love it!

Karen said...

What a great weekend! Nick and the boys watched Night at the museum, but I haven't seen it yet.

The bridges in Jax are horrible! I miss most things about living there, but NOT the bridges!!!

Sparky Duck said...

if I only had an hours worth of sleep, garage sales would not be the first thing on my mind