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Thursday, May 17, 2007

sisters and other things

I am just sitting here watching season 2 of 90210 until I take my nap. I just realized I am working the next 5 nights..Ugh..Could be rough!

I had a nice visit with my sister and I started thinking about sisterhood. What a cool thing. I don't know much about brothers, but sisters have a special relationship, especially the ones that are pretty close together. No matter where you live, there is someone there for you. Whether its email, phone call or an actual visit, a sister is a permanent, guaranteed forever best friend.. Kelly and I didn't get along well when we were younger. I may be the oldest, but we have switched the role of big sister between the 2 of us for years.

Perhaps its because she got her license first, got married first or that she had babies first, she has a world of knowledge. Now the one thing we have in common is trivia. Neither one of us is good at it. The other night we whispered our answers to each other in case anyone heard them and they were wrong, haha!!!
As soon as she sees something that could be better for fixed, she gets to work..
My sister Kelly rocks and I am so glad when she gets to post on my blog. She gave me a niece and 2 nephews that are posted all over this blog.

enough about kelly. haha!!! She knows she is loved.

Michael posted a blog about little girls and sexual predators. There are many posts I do not agree on or are not passionate about, but this is one I very much agree on.. Check out Valtools Box and scroll down to read what he says about how some parents allow their children to dress. I would like to know your opinions on this, especially if you have young girls...Its okay to disagree!!!
Update at 9:21pm
My apologies..All my post was trying to say was I dont understand why girls (any age) wear shorts with words on their rear end. Its almost like you want someone to look there!> Thats all
I am so sorry it came across offensive at all. Please know that was not my intent!!!!!!

On another note, looking forward to the AI finale..Love them both but if Blake wins, there's gonna be a ruckus.


Robyn Mills said...

I agree with Valtools box comments. Parents need to be more responsible.
Sister relationships are complex at best, enjoy what you have.

mama k said...

I blogged on this topic here:

I have to say that I think it is unfair to blame parents or the victims themselves for abuse. Pedophiles are SICK and have always been around regardless of the trends in clothing. I know many women of all ages who have sexual abuse in their past and I would venture to say they didn't have any thing printed across their rear.
I think dressing little girls like hoochies devalues them (as I elaborated in my post), but I don't think dressing them conservatively will protect them from pedophiles. It is two separate issues in my mind. We would never blame a women who was a rape victim and say it was HER FAULT why should we blame a child this evil abuse?

amy said...

I agree that you can blame anyone. But why would you allow a young girl to wear wording on her rear end? Obviously they bought them because they thought they were cute and a lot of people buy things because other people think they are cute. That reallly draws attention to a certain part of the body. I am only talking about young children. I do agree that pedophiles and others will do what they do no matter what, and we cant blam ourselves but it almost seems like drawing attention is helping a little big. Heading over to check out your post. I would never blame anyone for abuse. Im sorry if this came across that way. I have friends going through abuse situations right now!!!

SusieJ said...

I have boys, and I worries me to see girls dressed like they are Britney Spears, when they are 12. It does send the wrong message.

Laura said...

It's so funny how you said that you've switched the roles of younger and older sister in recent years. I'm the oldest, and I've done the same thing with my younger sister in the past five years or so. I agree wholeheartedly about how special sisters are. I've often joked that I married a female version of my sister! :) Thanks for swinging by, Amy! Always, always a pleasure!

Amy said...

Amy, when your baby girl comes I know you will start teaching modesty from the moment she arrives. I have learned that if you let even little girls run around in skimpy little clothes that they will be comfortable enough to wear that once they've reached maturity. I told Michael I was going to have my girls read this because this is what we've taught them all these years!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Yeah, I have to say it's not my intent to say it's the victim's fault at all. My commentary is simply to say, do not allow your children to make themselves more of a target or to draw attention to themselves in a sexual manner.

mama k said...

PS I know you weren't intending to put blame on the victims, but when we make that connection between something the child wears, it kinda comes across that way. (Even some of the commenters on my post felt that way.) So I guess I felt the need to say it. :)
I feel modesty for the sake of modesty is really the point. I assume from your profiles that you are a Christian family and I believe that we are to be respectful of our "brothers" by not flashing our girly parts around no matter what our age.
(ok I'm done being a comment hog now. LOL)

Lynne said...

I just found my sister about 3 years ago. I'm trying to spend as much time with her as I can. She's 16 years older than me, but at our ages now, it doesn't make a difference. I wish my two daughters were friends. They greatly dislike - for lack of a better word - each other and I don't think it will ever change.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

I agree that lots of little girls are dressed inappropriately, but I'm not about to dress my daughter like a nun or something either. I'm still dressing her in cute outfits. Pedophiles, pigs, rapists and the rest are sickos and it has nothing to do with the clothing someone is wearing! You don't blame the victim or parents of a victim. If someone commits a crime, rapes or molests, they are sick and need to be punished and they are the only ones to blame. However, as a parent I believe it's my job to keep my daughter as safe as possible by supervising her and dressing her appropriately for her age. I do think there are a lot of girls of all ages, including girls I see at the college I work at, that dress inappropriately, you're in school to learn, not to be a fashion model or to dress like you're going out to a club or to the beach. But, to relate that in any way to causing or influencing rapes or molestation is not right.

Janene said...

My sister has become my best friend in the past few years. She is going through a REALLY rough time (she was just diagnosed with Devic's Disease) but has still managed to be there to listen to me. I try to help her as much as I can. She even let me be there for the birth of her daughter! It was amazing. Like you, we didn't get along all the time when we were younger. I always thought I wanted a brother instead...but now I'm so glad I have my sister. :)

amy said...

My apologies..All my post was trying to say was I dont understand why girls (any age) wear shorts with words on their rear end. Its almost like you want someone to look there!> Thats all

I am so sorry it came across offensive at all. Please know that was not my intent!!!!!!

mama k said...

(I don't have your email so I'm writing you back here. LOL)
I know we all want the same thing for our kiddos and are really on the same page. I reread my first comment and I came off a bit harsh... not my intention.
No harm! No foul!
I think a lot is lost in translation when you are just typing... : )

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Amy, no offense taken or anything, definitely not. It was a really thought-provoking topic. :)

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Amy, I agree with you. I saw a little girl at church last week (yes, ma'am CHURCH) in shorts that said "Pink" across her fanny and I thought it was inappropriate for a little girl of 10-11 yrs old to be wearing that (especially in CHURCH). I know you aren't placing blame here, just talking about appropriatness of clothing.

Cyndi said...

I agree with michael I HAVE been sexualy abused and it was not how i dressed or my fault at all, but parents should not take any chances in tempting these sickos.sometimes these things happen and there is nothing that can prevent it but sometimes the way these girl dress attract the wrong kind of attention. Amy & Michael I think your future daughter is very lucky that you are so resposible about this and kudos to micheal for saying something.