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Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A sort of movie review and discussion

Michael and I were able to see a movie this afternoon. We decided against Shrek as all of Atlanta would be there and chose another movie, a romantic little film (sort of) called Lucky You.
It stars Drew Barrymore and some attractive guy and it was pretty much about poker with a story behind it.

I liked the movie, I loved the fact that there was a father-son story line that was delivered nicely. I do not remember any bad words but it had me thinking about the game of poker and other card games.
I offer this to you. Do you think poker is bad? My husband plays but he plays at a restaurant that doesn't play with money but just chips and gift certificates as prizes. Gambling can be addictive just like other things. I have been to Vegas (with family) and I have played the slot machines on cruises (not the Disney Cruise as they don't have them)

Here is my view. Poker (which is just a card game) is only "bad" when it interferes with your lifestyle and/or becomes an obsession. If it takes the place of things you need to be doing, it can be bad. A lot people play for fun or as a way to relieve stress. I know many family members who play every Friday night for fun.

Watching this movie, (and I am not giving away anything), the main character played poker as a living. But I saw some qualities of this game that could be bad and or dangerous. I am not sure I have ever talked about it and wondered other peoples opinions. I know many people have different views regarding this, so please don't yell at me if you disagree with mine. I think sometimes I may not be open minded and just want to hear from other people..

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Amy said...

Good question Amy, especially for a christian. My personal feelings are if you can afford it without damaging your credit and you are still providing your family needs than it's up to you. Just like anything else it can become addictive, so if you have that type of personality than don't ever start!

We go to Vegas every year for business and when we first went it was fun to try to play games. We soon learned that we had more fun playing penny poker in our rooms with our friends. If we lost five bucks big deal! Some of my friends set a limit and when they've lost that amount they are done for the day. I guess it's up to you on what you spend your money on. Would you rather lose $50 gambling or spend that $50 on dinner or souveniers?

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I agree with you, Amy. I think gambling can be addictive and become dangerous.

I, personally, take God very literally when He listed gambling with other sins. So, I don't. I have in the past, though, participated in raffle drawings. I paid my money as a donation and if I won something...great. Some people say that they go to Vegas (or wherever) with a certain amount of money designated for gambling, not worrying about it if they lose it all because they assign that money as their recreation money (just as they would spend to get into an amusement park or go see a movie.) Just like a lot of other things in life, I think it's all about interpretation and your comfort level. If you think it's wrong, then you would be wrong to do it. If you think there's nothing wrong with it because of your intent, then I think God will judge you based on that because He knows your heart.

I also have heard people say that every risk is a gamble, and therefore a sin. For example, not carrying health, car or life insurance is gambling with your future security. I definitely don't go that far out in my belief, either.

So, like most things, I say it's about what you TRULY believe. I think that's why God said He will judge our hearts when He returns.

amy said...

Here is my thing. If you are not playing with money, is it gambling?

Katkat said...

I don't even play bingo...even if it is really fun, beacuse why would I want to invite bad things in. That's just me. To each his own.

smilnsigh said...

I agree with you. Poker is only "bad" when it interferes with your lifestyle and/or becomes an obsession.

Anything could fall into this 'so called bad' category. Many perfectly wonderful actions, for many.... can over-take certain people and not be perfectly wonderful any more... for them.

It's all individual and degrees, to me.


Stacy at Exceedingly Mundane said...

I agree, poker is bad if it interferes with other things in your life or gets you in monetary trouble. Same with gambling. We interpret things very literally and just do not go this way. There's plenty of other things in life we do enjoy, so it's not a hardship for us. I personally don't think it is considered "gambling" on any level if money is not involved, but again, that's just personal interpretation.

Oh, and I have one other thing to say about poker - I don't consider it a sport. Every time we channel surf by ESPN or some channel and poker is on, I always roll my eyes and say "that is NOT a sport" :)

Oh, and I might want to rent that movie when it comes out. Glad to hear it was clean, thanks for the review :)

Samantha Lucas said...

I know it always surprises people when I say I'm a Christian and I have a very strong faith. Mostly because there are a lot of preconceived ideas about the genre I write in and what I write personally, but anyway my point was that I strongly believe that what is wrong for one person isn't necessarily wrong for another and all our decisions really come down to you and God and his leading in your life.

It's not our place to judge, but to pray and council and share where we've been and what we've learned. So in answer to is poker bad, is the spirit telling you not to play? if it is and you do, then bad, if it's not then I don't see it as bad.

Even when you're talking about addictive gambling. Never assume that person is on the wrong path. That may be the exact path God wants him on. We will never understand fully the ways of our Lord. It just is.

Sorry I ramble. I have a lot of very strong beliefs about walking the path God chooses for you despite what others think. I don't mean to offend or sound preachy. Your question just struck a chord with me. :)

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I personally don't think poker is bad. My 17 year old son and his friends play at each others homes quite a bit and the most they can lose is $5. I like knowing where he is and that most of the time there is a parent around and he could be doing way worse things than playing poker.

Sparky Duck said...

ahhh gambling, a fun prospect that can quickly become a vice. I don't get poker, probably because I really just dont get it get it. I gamble, some, because I think its fun, but my gambling is more in the idea of horse betting, or a football pool, or something like that. I feel I have some control, or at least a little bit of a hunch on something to bet on it. Though honestly, I wager about 6 times a year on the horses and I am still gambling money that I won last year. Its my fun I guess.

Have you ever heard of pogo? they have games which you gamble for imaginary dollar which leads to entries for prizes. So, is this gambling or not?

I do agree with stacy, poker is not a sport!

But I am also of a different opinion then alot of your readers since, I am a guy, a gambler and not that much of a christian