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What would you like to know? I am fun, but crazy. I have a most perfect husband, and 2 cats named Samson and Delilah. We are presently working on adopting a little girl from China and have a separate blog for that. I am a Christian and am working on a better relationship with him. I live in the Atlanta area and love sharing stories with people. I am also a pediatric nurse and I love it! I love to talk and meet new people and I love Disney Cruising

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Thanks for all the comments today. if anyone else is interested in participating in our 100 Good Wishes Quilt, let me know. For info on it, click here.

We just got home from trivia. Surprisingly we came in 2nd place. Good times. I took the baby name book and read some out loud. The benefit to adopting from China is you have more time to choose a name..Hopefully we will have one soon..

Whats on your mind right now? Seriously..I want to know..I dont care if its silly!

Scavenger Hunt clue- Other peoples blogrolls!!
!!!! ladies and gents there is less than a week left I am hoping we will have a strong finish..


HomeSchool Mommy said...

What's on my mind right now? It's almost two o'clock in the first daycare child arrives at 7 and I'm not asleep yet.

What's on your mind?

Jose said...

Nothing much, I just finished archiving the photos I posted on my phot blog. My daughter Michelle and her husband just came back from their honey moon in Vegas and she was showing me her pictures. I'm also thinking about mother's day, I have no presents yet for my mom and my wife, gotta get shopping.

My mom will expect for me to say Happy Mother's Day today, in Mexico mother's day is always on May 10 regardless of what day of the week it is.

Jeff and Erin said...

Thanks for visiting my blog...come back anytime!

What's on my mind right now...well I'm thinking about my sunburn that I got yesterday (I am wishing I would have lathered up with sunscreen before spending all afternoon outside in the hot sun)...Teach their own I guess! Hopefully I learned my lesson :)...but I doubt it!

Have a great day!


Amy said...

Oh, I'm thinking lots of things like I wish I had a creative bone in my body so I could participate in the quilt~I love this idea! I am thinking of all the work that sits in front of me but I'd rather say Hi to all my friends first! And I am trying to decide what to have for breakfast because I am starving! But it needs to be healthy as I have joined the weight loss challenge...sigh! I guess I can't have oreos and milk..heehee!

booklogged said...

Congrats on 2nd place!

My mind is whirling with trip ideas. My husband is retiring and we get to celebrate with a trip.

KarenW said...

What's on my mind? I am thinking it's been too long since I've been by your blog. We've been having internet difficulties. Today I finally resorted to hanging out at the library.