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Monday, May 21, 2007

Hmmm.... Im at Day 5 out of 6 at work and I am doing ok! Michael wrote a post on our church experience and how he felt. For the last few years, Michael and I have been looking for a traditional church. I miss hymns. I miss the experience I had as a child. I want those memories for my child. Then I started thinking, what I want most of all is to worship my God to enjoy the experience. I feel like I have put a rule on how I want to worship. Not cool. I want to be able to worship him anywhere. I have seen Him move in churches, in families at work and through friends.

My God wants me to focus on my relationship with Him. I do agree with Michael that there are churches that seem to spend more money on the church advertising and not on the people on the church. These are things I have read in the media. These are not things I know of first hand. Our society has changes and will continue to change. As Steven pointed out, each person that comes to know Christ is a celebration. I had never been to a church that had all of this video stuff before the baptistism, and it did feel odd. I think thats just because I had never experienced it.

I want a church. I want a community of friends who are believers. I want fellowship. I desire a small group. I want many things.

There are people who read out blogs that are not believers or who do not feel the same way I do. I almost want to protect my writing so I will not offend anyone. I am not ashamed of my desires or my faith and I am glad that I have met so many cool people online and have gotten so much encouragement. I hope that I can encourage people who have shown encouragement to me.

Michael and I want to go back and visit. I want to have an open mind. Sooo many people have recommended this church and there is such a wonderful small group opportunity there.

Pray for us!!

On another note, many patients tonight tried to tell me what happenned in Shrek the third!! I was able to avoid any spoilers!!!

Who will win American Idol?
I dont care
I hate reality TV free polls


Jeff said...

Val and I looked for a traditional church in Atlanta, and we will again when we find our permanent home in Memphis, and frankly I don't think they exist anymore. I don't need a band, either. But apparently we're in the minority.

DebD said...

I remember when my husband and I were moving away from the Charismatic style worship (and we were part of the worship team too!) It was very hard to find the balance. Of course, (as you know) I've taken "traditional" to the extreme! LOL.

I agree with your hubby that too often churches put more emphasis on filling the church with warm bodies and not with the actual people. I'm not into gimmicks, so a lot of the "seeker friendly" type churches made me uncomfortable too.

I sure hope you find your place.

"Early Bird" said...

I'm like you...I yearn for the old fashioned Church of my youth at times, but change must come I guess...not all of us would be happy with the very old timey Churches either, where if you crossed your eyes you were hung as a witch...shivers...
Sometimes change is for the better...I guess...
I've not watched AI this year so have no idea how to do it for me... ;)

Joyful Days said...

Praying for you to find a church you & Michael can come home to Amy. Walking through a spiritual journey here too, I know what you mean about not wanting to offend anyone--I worry sometimes about the offending of someone with different doctrine beliefs as mine!! LOL.

HomeSchool Mommy said...

I searched for a new church home for years. It seemed like no church had everything for which I was looking. One church would have awesome teaching, but no activities to get to know people...another one would have great worship and tons of opportunities, but it was too large to know everyone...still another one would be SO loving, where everyone knew everyone, but the teaching was so boring.

So, I finally sat down and made a list of church priorities. I decided I couldn't "have it all", so I needed to find a place that met most of my top items. I soon decided that excited worship and relevant teaching were my top two priorities. Massive opportunities followed closely behind because I wanted to really get involved...go on missions, etc. To have a lot of opportunities, I had to find a large church, which I thought meant I wouldn't have the relationships I so desperately wanted.

Once I "settled", I soon discovered that because I had so many opportunities to get involved (including small groups), relationships were not lacking. I couldn't be happier with my church home now. In fact, whether or not my husband would be as passionate about it as I, was a major deciding factor when we first spoke about marriage.

So, I'm praying for you guys...if you haven't already, I would strongly suggest sitting down together and deciding on a priority list. It's what helped me find my "perfect" church.

YoungMommy said...

When we moved we left a very contemporary mega church, but have always longed for a smaller, closer knit, more traditional church as well.

It is super important to us that we attend a church whose Pastor's goal is lead his flock and shepherd God's people, not to be "a place where people who don't like church want to go" (yes, that is an exact quote!) Traditional hymns and meaningful worship is also extremely important to us, as well!

Anyway, I'll be praying that the Lord will lead you to the church home where He would like for you to fellowship, worship and be fed.

It IS so hard!

Amy said...

Amy, this post has burdened my heart today. I know how much I love my church and I can tell you guys are aching to be settled in a home church. I hope I don't offend anyone either, but my advice is that first and foremost does the pastor teach sound doctrine? Does he use his Bible and does the congregation use them too? Sounds silly maybe, but I've seen some pastors quote verses without ever using a Bible and neither do the people. How are we to learn and even question what he is teaching? Does that even make sense?

Also, there are churches out there that still sing the wonderful hymns! PTL our church combines both in all the services. For the record I go to a baptist church. I know it doesn't make a difference or not!

I guess one other thought I had...when you are visiting a new church do you feel like that what they are doing is glorifying God or entertaining themselves? I am not saying that having a band is wrong or anything like that. I'm just saying you and Michael need to search your hearts and pray about these things. If you feel they are wrong or are uncomfortable than I would say theirs your answer!

I hope you haven't read this as me being preachy. If you could hear me now you would hear care and concern and hope! I care about you guys and will pray that God leads you to where you and you baby girl need to be.

Michelle said...

I don't think you should worry about offending anyone on your blog..first of all it's your blog! and if someone doesn't have the same views or beliefs, or is offended then they can choose not to comment or read!

KarenW said...

We haven't seen Srek 3 yet either. Looking forward to it but it will probably be on DVD.

Thanks so much for the contest. If it's ok with you, I would prefer the Amazon gift certificate. I use them all the time and rarely purchase digital pictures. Thanks so much and God bless!!

Jose said...

Church and religion, such hard topics because of the differences in practices and beliefs. I normally don't talk about it or discuss it, I am Catholic and I am happy that I believe in God. I respect everybody's beliefs too.

As for Jordin, or as I call her "my girl" Jordin, because she is from my home town, I hope America sees that she is the better of the two and gives her the American Idol title. I will be voting for her tonight, I hope you do too.

mama k said...

DH and were raised in different styles of churches. We went to a couple different ones after we got married. Each were fine for a season, but none of them really felt like "home"
I believe Church is about service (to God and others) more than about getting something, but you need to be ministered to too. Since we moved we, God moved us into an awesome (tradtional, presbyterian) church. It really is a blessing. You will find where you are supposed to be. Hang in there.