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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Scavenger Hunt- Fridays Question

This idea was from Jennifer D.
1. visit the blog of the person below you and find something interesting about them, and how long they've been blogging. (Last person visit's #1) . There are a few links that are not working, so visit the one below that one if needed.

2. Besides Michael and I, find a blogger whose spouse also blogs. You may need to ask your blogroll to help ya.

3. Find a blog that has an animal or fruit in its title.....

These do not have to come from the list of participants..ANy blog will count..Thanks for the questions

2 out of 3 again

Also, if you can find someone with a new blog who has posted in the last day or 2, let me know. I will post it here and we can go visit a newbie!!!!!


DebD said...

1)I visited Dewey and she's looking for a new blogroll contest. She's been blogging since Oct. 2006

2)my blogging friend Rafael has just started blogging again (its been over 6months).
I Am A Sheep

Lynne said...

1. I visited Karen #46 at She's been blogging since February of this year. She lives in Colorado, but was born in New Jersey, so she's a Jersey girl at heart. In fact, her post titled Jersey Girl is how I found her!

2. Empress Bee of the High Sea at and her husband Charlie at are a fun couple who love to cruise. Bee has a bunch of great blonde jokes. Charlie is ex-military and writes a lot about his political feelings.

Brandy said...

1.) Sue is under me ... she started blogging august 30,2006. Her daughter has food allergies and Sue's very interested in sharing food allergy awareness.

3.) Haggie's blog URL is haggiddaPIG ... she's #88

My 16yr old sister-in-law just started her very first blog a couple weeks ago -- I know she'd LOVE some comments!

Jennifer said...

1. #78, Robin is under me. Not only does she really have 3 beautiful daughters (the name of her blog), she is also a freelance artist.

2. Kelly is at and her husband blogs at

Amy said...

1. Yay! I had the pleasure of visiting one of my dear friends, Michelle at Big Blueberry Eyes (which I could also use for #3, but I will not!). She started this blog back on March 16th of 2006. It has some older posts from a journal she was keeping for a family website. Michelle is a huge Red Sox fan. Michelle is a published author. Her beautiful daughter, Kayla, has Down's and Michelle has a story in the wonderful book Gifts, Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives. It is filled with thought provoking, heart warming stories. Whether you know someone with Down's or not, you will enjoy this book. I highly recommend it!

3. I found Banana Migraine at:
Melissa has 2 kids, 5 cats and 3 dogs! Her son is five and her daughter is 10 months old, and she has Down's also. They are both adorable! Her blog has lots of pics on it!

I have a new friend, Sandy, that started her blog almost a month ago. Her blog is called Jesus and Dark Chocolate! Who wouldn't want to visit her? Give her a warm welcome at:
She has two kids, a boy and a girl. I've only "known" her a couple of weeks, but am loving her already!

Debi said...

1. I visited Heidi (#71). I'm not entirely positive, but from what I could figure out, she's been blogging since Jan. 7th of this year. She's a homeschooling mom with 3 kids. She just posted an interesting article about homeschool conventions. Was interesting to me anyway, since I'm a homeschooling mom, and I've never been to a convention.

3. School of Fish at is Rebecca's homeschool blog, where she talks about the things her family does. (She has other blogs as well.)

Michelle said...

1. The person below me is Cyndi. She'll have been blogging for one year come Jun 7th. She has 1 son and is a young widow (her husband passed away when she was 28). She's coming up on her 7 yr anniversary of no smoking.

3. I couldn't find a blog in the list of participants who had a animal or fruit in the title (not using my own!) First I thought sparky duck, but that's not the title of the blog (I think it's Philly Transplant) I saw 2 titles that had butterflies in it, but I don't think that really counts as animals :) So here is one from my blogroll (not using Banana Migraine because Amy already did! LOL) this one is Just Me and My Cats:

Sparky Duck said...

I went and visited Michael at Valstool box, since Heidi's link got shifted downward. I kind of wish he included Midnight Blue in his flashback.

The Daily Cat Chase had a trip to Lion Lake on her blog, doing geocaching, whatever that is

Jose said...

1. visit the blog of the person below you and find something interesting about them, and how long they've been blogging.
Blog number 56 is right undet me. Simone from Simone’s Butterfly started blogging bac on October 28, 2006. Since then she’s had a plethora of posts on many different subjects as well as a few memes.

Simone compares herself to the butterflies because she has the strenght and hope to believe, in time she will emerge from her cocoon… transformed.

2. Besides Michael and I, find a blogger whose spouse also blogs. You may need to ask your blogroll to help ya.

Kelli from “I should be cleaning;

And her husband whom just recently is attempting to blog:
“It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s Super Dad”

3. Find a blog that has an animal or fruit in its title.....

“The Blue Panther Experience and other things”

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. 64.Sarah's blog is titled Looking forward to the Holidays! She is a Christian teacher in the United Kingdom. Like myself, she is allergic to a lot of perfumed products.
2. Dan and Angie both Blog. You can link to both of their blogs through their website.

Heart of Rachel said...

1. visit the blog of the person below you and find something interesting about them.

Movie Girl #63. She has been blogging since Nov. 2004. I found out that she's getting married in 10 days. I dropped by her site to express my best wishes.

2. Besides Michael and I, find a blogger whose spouse also blogs.

Iris of Nutmegnine is a blogger and so is her husband Josh of Harmonious Josh.

Anonymous said...

1~ I visited Stacy ~ I visit her everyday, LOL. She LOVES pizza! :o) Feb '05 is her first blog date.

2~ Fruit in Title: Big Blueberry Eyes ..., That's fruit for ya! :o)

Lynne said...

I forgot these for #3.

Musings of a Bookish Kitty (

The Dogs Ate It

K 3 said...

1. I visited #85 (Jessica). She has been in the blog world from Tuesday, May 16, 2006. She has been learning belly dancing from January 07 -- a definite Kudos to you -- I don't think I will ever have that much courage!

2. # 38 - Hootin' Anni has an owl in her title ... does that count?

Eye of the Rainbow said...

I visited # 87 Singforhim94
She is a stay at home mom with 3 children. She has been married for 10 years. She has been blogging since March.

2. Is Daryn's blog and his wife's blog is

booklogged said...

1. I visited #49 Jenclair's A Garden Carried in the Pocket. . I have been checking Jenclair's blog nearly every day for a year. She blogs about the interesting books she reads. This is one of my favorite blogs because Jenclair is able to express her thoughts so well. On her second blog, Bayou Quilts she posts pictures of her beautiful garden and her gorgeous, creative quilting projects.

2. Animal name in the blog title: Sassymonkey Reads.

dew said...

2. Me and my husband! His blog is

3. Sister Snoopy! Snoopy is an animal.

Also, Deb, I have been blogging since March 2001! This is just a new blog, only about books. :) Thanks for visiting me!

Larry said...

1. Visited #54 below me Caylynn's Contemplations. She's Canadian, like me, living in Munich, Germany. She loves group fitness, horseback riding and running. She recently ran the Hamburg Marathon on April 29, 2007. She is goal-oriented and while she didn't finish the marathon due to stomach problems she did finish the race before the course closed. She had hoped to run the marathon in 5:45 and was within that goal when the stomach upset sidelined her. She has been on Blogger since April 2002.
2. Rose DesRochers and her husband are both bloggers.
3. Blog with flower in its name: Orchids and Violets

KarenW said...

1. I visited Chelle, #40. She has been blogging since Aug. of 2006- on blogger at least! They just bought a new car and kept it a secret for 2 months.

2. DK and her husband Mitch

I wish I knew how to put a link in comments. . .

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. Young Mommy - blogging since Aug. 2006 - She is on vacation in San Deigo
My Cats and Funny Stories

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

1. # 57
Csara she is in a book club, hates exercising and watches more cartoon than other shows.

2. Me and my husband (grin) guess that does not count.
Ruth ( Jeff(

Jenny McB said...

Missed this one last Friday, hope I am not too late.

Maggis is below me
And she has a lot of different kinds of books listed with reviews, the 2006 Newberry award winner looks like a good one to pick up soon. Maggie has been blogging since October 2006. I am going to bookmark here since she looks like good resource for books.

2. Tea at Tea Time ramblings has a husband who blogs at