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Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Final Day of the Hunt!

Thanks so much for participating. Please remember me when you have free blog time! You have until THursday afternoon to catch up. I will announce prizes Thursday night/Friday Morning!

First, extra point for visiting and posting at Valtools Box! I love to plug hubbys blog and he has a post about sad songs and another post..Post on either or both.
I will choose another blog to visit as well

1)Go back through the posts on this blog and find your answers. Post one of your answers and blog that you have found interesting

2)Share with us a post that makes you smile. THis can be a blog you have read before or a new one. It does not have to be on the contest list.
By the end of Thursday, come back and visit some that people have posted.



Thats it. No more questions. Just prizes. I hope you have all had fun. Look for my new blog and contest this summer.

Dont forget if you would like to be a part of our adoption prayer group (looking for a name) on Mondays, post here!!!

Hope you have fun and make sure you read my trip post below and vote!!!


Jessica Morris said...

sorry, I had every intention of staying caught up with this!! I just commented on your husbands blog. I will try to catch up on more things too!!

Lynne said...

Amy - Maybe I'm dense, but I don't understand #1. Are we to look on your blog for a specific answer to a question? What's the question?

As for #2 - Empress Bee has a lot of blonde jokes. She's allowed - she's blonde! This one in particular made me laugh.

Extra credit - I commented on Michael's post about the cat food problem.

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. Find an answer
On Stuff and SH questions, I answered:
1. News article: 2nd Cup of Coffee, Linda blogs about the recent Mickey Mouse converts children to terrorists and links to the original article.
I found the article very interesting. Poor Mickey! Her blog is also from Indiana.
2. Wil Wheaton'sblog from yesterday made me smile. :-} He wrote about things that made him smile as a child and still do today.

Lynne said...

OK - I get #1 now.

I liked Teamouse's answers on Day 3. She visited Larry #53, Michelle #11, and Scribbit who was doing a writing contest.

K 3 said...

Extra Credit - Commented on M's blog

1. I enjoyed the Day 1 you tube question and answers - especially Michelle's You tube video answer --
"Funny you-tube video (this one always cracks me up!) on"

2. Something funny I read today Not Quite what I had planned

Brandy said...

commented on your husband's blog. on his cat food entry.

1. My answer to the scavenger hunt questions where there were 2 1/2 questions? I said:
"1.) Sing4Him94 (#87) has a video on her blog of Jordin Sparks performance this past week on American Idol. That girl can SANG!

2.) Debd (#6) has 6 children ... homeschools and likes to read. :-)"

I've actually been back to those two blogs since then ... and I've been enjoying some of what they've been writing.

2. Actually, Michael's post on his cat problem made me smile ... my mom loves cats, so we almost always had at least one, but usually 2 or 3, around.

KarenW said...

Extra Credit - I wrote two comments on your hubby's blog.

1. I'm not sure I understand what you are wanting here but here goes!
From Thurs. May 10 - Besides Michael and I, find a blogger whose spouse also blogs. You may need to ask your blogroll to help ya.

DK and her husband Mitch

I found lots of blogs interesting. This one is another homeschool mom/ scrapbooking fan.

2. This one because he's my son and I'm proud of him. I also laugh every time I watch the LOST video on his sidebar.

Michelle said...

Just left a comment on Michae's song post.

Here is an old answer from me: 1. The person below me is Cyndi. She'll have been blogging for one year come Jun 7th. She has 1 son and is a young widow (her husband passed away when she was 28). She's coming up on her 7 yr anniversary of no smoking.

3. I couldn't find a blog in the list of participants who had a animal or fruit in the title (not using my own!) First I thought sparky duck, but that's not the title of the blog (I think it's Philly Transplant) I saw 2 titles that had butterflies in it, but I don't think that really counts as animals :) So here is one from my blogroll (not using Banana Migraine because Amy already did! LOL) this one is Just Me and My Cats:
blog I found interesting was homeschool mommy.

2. seeing Joey enjoy his juicebox made me smile:

Eye of the Rainbow said...

1 I really enjoy her blog alot.

2 just a blog i came across today, made me laugh.

Jenny McB said...

1. This is the answer that led me to a blog that I would like to go back and visit more often:
Wrote a post about the article in USA today last Thursday about Beta Moms/Alpha Moms and all the activities that kids are involved in. Well written post.

2.Shelly hat This Eclectic Life makes me smile on a daily basis, Her post on 4/26 about cat toys was a riot.

Sparky Duck said...

heres answer to #2, kill the goat did a whole post here, that made me very very happy.

Larry said...

1. Interesting blog:
Caylynn's Contemplations

2. Technically not a blog, but I get a laugh from this site every time I visit. Take a look at their version of Titanic re-enacted by bunnies in 30 seconds.
3. Off to visit your hubby's blog and to comment.

K 3 said...

Hey ... Did you mean from my old post on question 1?!!!

Well then it will have to be Friday May 11th ques/ans to the Saturday Photo Hunt. The last photo is so funny!

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. I'm making up for the days I haven't been able to play.

I commented on Michael's Sad Love Song post.

1.) Find previous post on this blog.
"Movie Girl #63. She has been blogging since Nov. 2004. I found out that she's getting married in 10 days. I dropped by her site to express my best wishes."

2.) Last April of this year, I learned that Leah of Mga Muni-Muni proclaimed me winner of her 100th Post Contest.

Amy said...

For extra credit I commented on Michael's Sad Songs post.

1. I chose Joe Cool because I liked the name and then as soon as his blog appeared he had a Mustang at the top! He also loves American Idol! His daughter recently got married and he has several pictures. His blog is warm and inviting.

2. DeeDee is SO funny and her blog is top notch! This is one of her more recent entries, but you really need to add her to your blogroll because you will easily become addicted!