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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Scavenger Hunt Questions- Day 7

Thanks to Jenny McB for this one!!
1) Find a blog that has a slideshow on it

Thanks for Karen for this one!!!
2)Find a blog with posts about their pets

Sorry this is late, I was very tired from work last week. Don't forget to get caught up with old questions if you can. Continue to pray for Heather..!!!

Tomorrows hint: show your creative side!! (thanks Larry) Tomorrow you will get to answer 2 out of 3.

Stay tuned for extra credit later on!!!

Be Blessed, I AM!!!!


Larry said...

1. Blog with a slideshow: - what the deuce
2. Blog with posts about pets: , originator of the Photo Hunters meme.

TeaMouse said...
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TeaMouse said...

1. PJ from Wild Daisies has a slideshow.

2. Michael from Valtools Box has a post all about Pixel a cute little kitten.

I did go over to Larry's yesterday after all.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. has a slide on her sidebar of her adorable little girls.

2. : Stacy has pics of her dog Vader and she blogs about lots of doggy stories.

Jennifer said...

Found this sweet slideshow about a little girl getting her hair cut for locks of love:

Barb posts about her precious dog Chelsea at:

Jose said...

Thanks to Jenny McB for this one!!
1) Find a blog that has a slideshow on it

This is one I read everyday. It's a great blog and everyone should go visit. There's a beautiful slide show as soon as you open it as the header.

Horicon Marsh National Wildlife Refuge.

Thanks for Karen for this one!!!
2)Find a blog with posts about their pets

This one as soon as you open it you will see dogs, you will see cats, you will see pets. Give it a try and visit.

Life in the Northwest Kingdom of Vermont.

I'll be back later for the extra point.

Mercy's Maid said...

1. slideshow:

2. pet blog: lots of kitty cat pictures!

Extra Credit: I visited Wild Daisies

Anonymous said...

1~ Slideshow: Visit Scamp's Place for *Just Married* ...

2~ Pet Posts: Visit Debi at Nothing of Importance for a post on her puppy dog's thyroid troubles...

Lynne said...

1. Slideshow - One Woman's Cottage Life ( has been renovating her house and has slideshows showing the changes.

2. Pets - Over The Backyard Fence ( has a post on 4/28 about pets - dogs, cats, birds, mice, frogs.

3. Extra credit - Just left a comment at Wild Daisies. Cute blog.

booklogged said...

1. Katie's Into the Rush has a slideshow in her sidebar. Looks like she is a fun-loving teen.

2. Tuna News did a post on April 17 about her bunny, Fabio. A picture is included. This bunny has a darling face, but very short ears!

booklogged said...
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Brandy said...

1. Michelle (#20) has a slideshow on her most recent (may 8th) entry

2. Janeene (#4) has a post about giving her chocolate lab up (april 27th entry)

Heart of Rachel said...

1. Blog with a slideshow:
Gabrielle of Metamorphoself of Gabrielle
She has a slideshow on her side bar.

2. Blog with posts about pets:
Gattina of Writer's Camp
She has adorable cats and my favorite is Pookie.

KarenW said...

1. Slide show: Mary from Raising 4 Godly Men

2. Pets: Some cute kittens!

Extra credit: I left a comment on PJ's 100 things post.

Sanni said...

1.) Slideshow: Please visit lovely Annelisa - you see a beautiful slideshow in her header.

2.) Pet: Trav over at Trav´s Thoughts posts about his cute cat Mr Tucker, especially how scary the moving for him is.

Jenny McB said...
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Jenny McB said...

1. Check out the slide show that Harlekwin added to her blog site today, she made a wide column below two on her sidebar. Very cool pictures.

L^2 has her latest post "written by her dog". L has a guide dog, Willow and a silly lab named Stella.

(keeping my fingers crossed that my links work tonight! They didn't, don't know what I am doing wrong)

Went and left a comment over at Wild Daisies, what a list of 100 things about her.

gail said...

1. Blog with a slideshow....Sandra at Diary of a Stay at home Mom had a post from this weekend that had slides of her little boy, they were bowling:

2. Blog with posts about pets....sister Stacy posts about her dog Beau! And here's one from his first swim:

I visited Wild Daisies and left a comment!

K 3 said...

1. Ok I admit this was random luck! Slideshow

2. Blog about pets Something my colleague suggested!

PS I finally got thru to larry's! YAY!!!

Debi said...

Sorry, no answer for #1.

#2. Here's a post where Debi (not me) shows some scrapbook layouts she just did of her kitty cats.

DebD said...

Good thing for WW, because I was finally able to find the answers!

1) slide show:

Windows Wide Open

2) Pets: She's a kitty lover
Rat's Nest

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. Blog with a slide show: The Gowanus Lounge
2. A blog with posts about their pet: Frankie The Pig, it hasn't been updated for a while, but is so cute!

Michelle said...

#35 There is a slideshow on PJs blog (font page)

#36 Barbara has this post about their dog:

Eye of the Rainbow said...

1. Blog with a slideshow: I had a hard time finding one.


Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

1. Slideshow: