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Thursday, May 31, 2007

Its Friday

Its Friday! Valtools Box already has his Friday Flashback videos up! If you like 80s music, check it out!

I had to go get a tire repair and Ifully recommend visiting Kauffman Tires..There was a bit of a wait, but there were so nice and guess what? They do tire repairs for free. That was a nice surprise. I am looking forward to our First Friday meeting tomorrow night, should be fun. Its been such a neat experience meeting all of these new friends.

June 23rd will be our or hopefully the neighborhood garage sale. Hoping to get a lot of stuff organized next weekend. Whatever we do not sell we will donate to a charity or give to friends in need.

Any ideas on how to organize this? Ways to advertise? Ways to make things easier? Ways to make a little extra money???? i need your help!!!!!

If you live in Atlanta, hope you will stop by~~~


Karina said...

Amy, thanks for stopping by my TT yesterday.

AS for ideas to about Craig's list? I hear that works really well when trying to sell stuff, so I imagine it would be good for advertising a local garage sale. Good luck with it!

Sparky Duck said...

I have enough of my own crap in the basement, I can't be buying any of your family treasures.

their has got to be a community or free newspaper in Hot-Lanta

kelly said...

post it on Craigslist...