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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Thursday 13- Baby Names

Thirteen Things about Amy
13 Things to think about when you are adopting a baby from China and thinking about names
1. The good news is you have longer than most people. We have a lot longer than 9 months, which gives you more time to go crazy
2. When your last name is Christopher, do not make the first name really really long
3.Make your you dont have too many relatives with the name.
4.Make sure its something people can pronounce and spell without difficulty
5.Dont tell too many people your choices. They will spend time telling you how many people they dont like with that name. Im sure this is the same with any baby name
6.Make sure your baby name doesnt have too many t's to cross or i's to dot.
7. Make sure the name doesnt rhyme with dirty words
8.Make sure the name doesnt mean woman of sorry or anything else depressing
9. If you are a pediatric nurse or teacher, check and see that the majority of the hospital shares your love of the name. I love Emma, Emily,Abigail , Madison and others but because all of America is using these names, we have to pick something else. BUMMER!!
10. Make sure it goes with your last name
11.Make a list. If you ever make a second list, I guarantee you will be going back to the first list.
12. Different names are not always bad
13.Naming a baby after a family member is cool, even if its a variation of the name
As you can tell, we have really narrowed down our name choice. Hints will announced soon!!!!!!
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tommiea said...

I had a hard time picking names because I had been a teacher/principal for almost 15 years!!!

Best wishes to you and your family

happy thursday

AscenderRisesAbove said...

so wise about not telling others your choices so they can tell you why not to name your child that.

DebD said...

It is hard picking out a name and yes, EVERYONE has an opinion. Good luck.

Anonymous said...

Choosing a name is the hardest thing. I know you will come up with a good one!

Lori said...

How exciting!! Congrats:)

Sparky Duck said...

another idea, no names that sound like a stripper

Dixiechick said...

It's very difficult to pick a name.. I had the hardest time with my daughter. My son was easy... he is a namesake after my grandfather and my dad.

You will come up with a good one. Keeping y'all in my prayers.

It's Me... Maven said...

I agree with your list!

See, if I were to get pregnant, or adopt, I'd make a list of names from A to Z that I already LIKE, and send that list to my mother-in-law, and have her figure out a name that goes with the child's astrology, etc. I figure it would be a nice way for my mother-in-law to feel included in the process (should this ever happen), considering she lives halway around the world.

Great list!

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

It's so hard naming babies, I had an easy time with our daughter, Emma Rose because I loved Emma for my whole life and Trevor's mom's name was Rose and I totally knew that sounded great together and with our last name of Morris. I'm stumped on what we'll name the next one though, I think about it often...and it does bug me a little that her name is so popular, she'll be in school with lots of Emma's by the sounds of things when I read the top baby name lists.

Maybe you'll even find a name that is somewhat related to the baby's heritage that you like.

Lisa said...

There's so much pressure to pick a good name!

Cindy Swanson said...

I'm totally fascinated with names! Have you check out It's an amazing website for people picking out names...

Thanks for visiting my TT!

KarenW said...

I had a really hard time with girl names. Can't wait to hear what you've picked out!

Kris :) said...

I don't have any kids yet but whenever I hear a new baby name I also check out the initals to make sure they don't spell out something funny! :)

Sonja Foust said...

I have a secret love for baby names, even though I never plan on actually HAVING a baby, or adopting one either. But I have a spreadsheet with name meanings and everything. Sigh. Maybe I'll start auctioning them off as I approach my 30s. Heehee.

Nancy the Romancechick said...

We adopted a little boy who at eight weeks had a name. Unfortunately, I only KNEW for five days that we were getting him, so not a lot of time. Did go VERY crazy though!

Thanks for visiting mine and good luck with the adoption!

The Rock Chick said...

Girls names were harder for me just because there are soooo many beautiful choices! One more bit of the initials, too!!! I almost initialed my first daughter A.S.S. until the kind baby nurse pointed that out to me :)

Some friends adopted from China last year and the baby's given name was Lijiang (or something really close to that) so they decided to go along that route and called her Lily. So pretty!!!!

Cant wait to hear your list!!!!

Happy TT
Jessica The Rock Chick

Becka said...

Good luck choosing a name! It's hard, I know. I got four rugrats myself, but had to pick *8* names, first and middle, you see. :P It can be very trying, especially when family/friends say they don't like your name of choice.

Too freakin' bad! LOL


Starchy said...

Great 13! I recommend the name Starchy. ha!

Thanks for visiting my blog--it's so cool you love McA's tea, too. I'm drinking it right now, of course.

TeaMouse said...

I always found picking the name was a lot of fun.

byoc said...

Good luck picking out a name. Remember she has to live with it forever!

Tink said...

That's a lot to consider, but I'm sure you'll come up with a great name!
My TT shares 13 things about the blue moon.

Raggedy said...

Congratulations on your adoption!
I think picking a name will be fun!
Happy TT'ing.
My TT is posted.

Sherrie said...

Do not listen to others when we start telling you the name is wrong. :-P When my brother said he was naming his baby Skye we all started in on what a bad name that was. "Skye high" we said people would call her.
He stuck to his guns and now I can not imagine her with any other name. She is my Skye J Baby Doll! Good luck with the adoption! :)

Cheryl said...

I hope you find the perfect name! We didn't think about it too much with ours. :) Though I still wish we had named my first Ryan Christopher instead of the reverse. Christopher is his dad's name and we call my son Ryan. Hindsight! lol

She-Schenker said...

Those are some great guidelines for ANYONE who is soon to be welcoming a new addition to the family. =))

Word Quilter said...

You have put a lot of thought into this! I'm impressed! For our daughter, we went with an old-fashioned name. It isn't very common, but very nice. Good luck!

Sockpuppet said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Both my babies have two middle names.. so if you find something you like remember you don't have to cut them off at just a first name..
Congrats to you & yours - keep in touch