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Sunday, May 20, 2007

Ya know those days when you just wonder why? I have been having those. Why am I so blessed? Why do I have a house and a wonderful husband, a fantastic family and a job I dreamed about when I was a little girl.

There are people who don't have homes, who are widowed, who have gone through natural disasters, who have beaten cancer only to have it come back again with a vengeance? Why? Why do parents lose their little ones? I have seen how one little life can touch and brighten thousands of lives. I am so not deserving of Gods blessings. It is only by His grace that I am alive today.

I have met so many new blogging friends and even have been contact with old ones. I love those kinds of things. I love to be excited about things, little things. You can ask my husband and family what makes me happy. I love the day after Thanksgiving. I love Christmas. I love the Macys Thanksgiving Day parade. I love coming home, turning the corner and seeing Michael's jeep there. That makes me smile.

I love squishy babies. I love patients who love me. I love patients who make my heart smile and those that make my heart cry. I love rejoicing with my friends. I love to dream. I love to plan vacations I may never go on. I love to think of the future.

I have been given more than I deserve. A lot of times, I want more. Why? Am I selfish? I want to give, I want to be thankful but I want want want. I am often ashamed of that.

Thanks for reading my vent.

What makes your heart smile?
Whats your heart song?



annie said...

I heard a speaker last night mention this very subject. I think we all have the desire for more, but where does that desire originate? I'm not sure. It sounds like you are a very thankful person who respects all that you have been blessed with. I agree with you, I feel like I have been blessed more than I deserve. God is a good God, all the time.
My heart smiles when I fully embrace this fact and know that God's promises are true and that He loves me in spite of my weaknesses. My heart song is "thank you Lord, for loving me."


PromiseKeepersDaughter said...

Great post, what a pick me up! Thanks for reminding me of all I'm thankful for.

Laura said...

"What have we not been given? What have we not been shown?" Thanks for sharing your heart with us and pointing us down the thankful road.

Not So Anonymous Michelle said...

Great post, I was just thinking abou this kind of stuff the other night when my daughter was sleeping on me all cozy and warm and she is about to turn 2 in a month, these moments are fewer and more far between the bigger she gets to I have to savor them. :)

Larry said...

Amy, your post is not a "vent" -- when I feel this why I call it my "pause, reflect and give thanks" moment. Having said that, here's a "vent" response.
I've had those feelings of not deserving yet have had more than my share of life's challenges too. It is when I stop and remember how blessed my life has been that I regain perspective.
Yes, there is suffering and despair all around me but I know I can't fix everything or everyone. The only thing I can "fix" is myself and that means to live my life with meaning, purpose, morals, ethics, compassion and tolerance. I am not perfect; I am not always right; and I make mistakes. Hopefully, I learn and grow from all the experiences in my life.
I try to share my blessings as freely as I can with no expectation that I deserve to get something back. A heartfelt thank you makes me smile.
Although I know of you only through your blog writing, I thank you for the blessings you share here, at your workplace and to those in your life. Thank you Amy for just being you.

Sandy said...

Great post Amy, and so true. I think as Americans we forget how good we really have it! I do love your positive attitude, excitement and vibrant heart for the Lord!
I just posted on my blog this week about being thankful and thanking others. We must both be on the thankful kick....and it's a good one to be on!

Sparky Duck said...

your blog always makes me smile, and i am glad to be a part of your readers circle. You are very lucky.

cooking makes me happy and their are thousands of songs that are my heart song from day to day

gail said...

Ah, very good post! I feel the same way sometimes, I'm so blessed. Thanks for such a good reminder to be thankful.

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

Being selfish is when you don't appreciate what you have....sounds to me like you really appreciate all you have. I agree with Larry, use it as a reflect and be thankful moment.

Jenny McB said...

I agree with others, not a vent post, but a thankful post! We are so blessed to have food, shelter and if we are all blogging then we have more than enough in our lives.

I love seeing my three boys playing together nicely, that makes my heart smile!