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Saturday, May 05, 2007

Day 5 Questions

1) There are many blogs that are from outside the continental United States. Find one, comment and tell us something interesting.

Here is my choice that I justs found out SgtDub! I think hubby will like this one! he is a military guy sharing his thoughts about over seas!

2) There are my adoption blogs. It can be domestic or international. Find one and leave some encouraging words!!!

Extra point if you give me an idea and I use it! Email me at!!!!


Amy said...

1.Rachel is from the Phillipines. She would like to move back to Manila. Her son is adorable and says many funny things that Rachel shares often! Check her out @


I just came upon this wonderful family today who is travelling this week to get their little boy from Ethiopia! Keep them in your prayers!

As far as an idea how about finding a blog that has posted a recipe that we have tried and then we can give a review? I know I am always looking for more things to make!

Have a great weekend!

De said...

This is great because these are two of my daily reads

Outside us- The livesay family are missionaries in Haiti.

Adoption blog- Cathing butterflies just picked up their little girl from China. Very interesting read.

Idea--new blogger. A blog with less than something like 50 posts. It will help incourage newer bloggers into our world.

Lynne said...

1. Blog outside US

A Canadian in Japan via England - she posted some pictures of Japanese food that look very interesting.

2. Adoption blog

Doug and Lisa from the Atlanta area celebrated their 10th year anniversary and 18 month LID. Doug works at Home Depot - same as my husband.

New idea: How about looking for something specific on a player's blog - such as finding someone with a certain number of children or has a specific job or has read a specific book or seen a specific movie - you specify the item to be found.

Agapetospaidiske said...

1. Vol Abroad is from Tennessee but is currently living in England with her English husband. She is currently expecting and planning to have a midwife, my dream until I had surgery that would make that impossible.
2. Andie and Jeff are in the process of adopting a child from China.

Hm, we could look for someone with the same profession or hobby that we have.

TeaMouse said...

1. # 89 Ruth is a fellow Canadian from Ontario, she is a SAHM who home schools her children.

2. #83 Robin is currently on a journey to adopt a baby from China.

Dewey said...

1. John and Sheena are located in South Korea.

2. Wow, this was great! I found the adoption blog of a couple named Tammy and Kurt, and the last entry there left a link to their NEW blog, which was about their new family. And the latest entry there was about their one-year anniversary of adoption. So beautiful! You'll be writing an entry like that one day, too!

And! I emailed you with extra credit.

Brandy said...

1.) Sarah (#64) is from the United Kingdom. I left her a comment ... I think it's interesting that she's a teacher. And she participates in a lot of those meme's

2.) I'm gonna pick an easy one here lol. Michael #3. *grins* ... and I'm leaving him a comment now.

Simone ( I will exercise for comments) said...

oooh Just one mmmm......

1.My husband's : South Africa Western Cape. Its well written, funny and interesting. Its about 125cc motorbike, linux and everything in between.
Quote from one of his post:
My Gomoto is going nowhere today. In stead I will be using my wife's car in the next hour to drive to the airport to collect my Mother-in-Law, who is coming to visit us for a week.

I am tempted to say that this is the reason why the topic of "Insanity" is on my mind, but truth be told, we tend to call on her when we actually need to establish sanity in the household!

2. Cigarettes & Coffee
i keep coming back like a bad rash: mis-adventures of a birthmother in open adoption.
I left message on this post

Mercy's Maid said...

1. This blog is the first one that came to mind when you mentioned finding a blog that is outside of the US. She does Thursday 13 and sometimes highlights English expressions and lets people guess what they mean. :)

2. Just left a note at this adoption blog. It sounds like they're making progress!

booklogged said...

1. Heidijane at Adventures in Bookland lives in Malvern, Great Britian. I commented on her review of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

2. I visited The Tennessee Shoemakers and commented on her cute tooth fairy post.

3. Suggestion for Scavenger Hunt: find and comment on a book bloggers blog; or a movie blogger; or a crafty or hobby blog; a scrapbooking blog; a recipe blog;

booklogged said...

a couple more ideas - gardening blogs, photography, quilting, get organized blogs,

Robin said...'s a whirlwind weekend trying to get mulching, planting etc done inbetween the rain so I'm hoping my combo answer will work.. if not.. just use me as answer #2.. we are also on a journey to China

1) Catherine's Chatter ( - this single mom from Ontario,Canada is on a journey to adopt a little girl from China

2) Buckeyes and Eggrolls - our journey blog while we wait for a referral from china.

Soccer Girl said...

I think her blog is so cool! She's writing from China


SingForHim said...

Do you have to answer the ?s on the day you post them, or can I come one day and do a few from the week?

SingForHim said...

Kailani lives in Hawaii, that counts as "overseas", right?

SingForHim said...

Ooops, Here's #2:

Through My Daughter's Eyes... The Story of Mia

Join in to watch a day in the life of my legally blind daughter, whom was adopted from Guatemala in Sept. 2006. And a few ramblings from me...Nichole, Mia's Mommy


KarenW said...

1. Jules is from Devon, UK. She is a homeschooling mom and has some great pictures of some of their learning experiences.

2. Here is a blog called Exploring Adoption They have an interesting article entitled "Misconceptions about Infant Adoptions" They also have a lot of books and might be a good place to start for those just beginning or contemplating adoption.

DebD said...

1) My fellow HSB blogger is a missionary in Yugoslavia. She always does such great science projects with her kids.

2) I went here:
Fortunately, Family
and passed on a bit of encouragement.

Larry said...

1. The Presurfer is a blog from the Netherlands. Gerard finds the most incredible links to other sites that you always find something new and interesting whenever you visit.

Jenny McB said...

Claire from England has a busy blog and she is currently updating. She takes great pictures of her hikes, which she posts on wordless Wednesdays or Saturday photo hunt. Claire also answered a plea for help on one of my earlier TT13 and helped me put a blogroll on my blog.

Deana's blog, they have a 2 year old daughter from China and oh what a day they have had between potty training and a puppy with a broken leg.

I think I need instructions on how to post links in the comments.

Eye of the Rainbow said...

1. I picked She is from Canada but moved to Belize two years ago. She has taken a liking to riding a bike.

2. I picked
Just came across her blog today and I plan on going back to read it, a great story she has :)

Extra Credit....find a celebrity blog, answers can't be duplicated.

Heidi said...

1 - Linds is in the UK

2 - Mary at
has four adopted kids at home and two more coming from Ethiopia. She just got the referral!

Michelle said...

1. Julie is in Canada:

2. A Special Family is a single lady going through the adoption process (and she lives in the UK)

K 3 said...

1. Found this cool blog - Neha writes great poetry.

2. Here is a family that has completed the adoption process and are enjoying the fun of being a family!

Happy Weekend!

Debi said...


She just had her 5th child a couple weeks ago. She's amazing, really. Always cooks wonderful meals, organizes, etc. (And by the way, she lives in Australia.)

This one particularly interests me, because adopting an older child is something we would love to do.

Heart of Rachel said...

Hi Amy. I'm a little late with this one but I'm catching up.

1. Blog outside the US -
Kailani of An Island Life. She is a part-time Flight Attendant, wife and mother who lives in Hawaii. I enjoy reading her blog because of the interesting questions she often posts toward the end of her entry. I appreciate that she takes time to reply to comments individually.

2. Adoption Blog
Tammy of Just One Big Happy Family
. Tammy is married to Kurt. They have a daughter named Mary and they love camping.

Extra point - suggestion: Did you know that there are interesting "animal bloggers" (ex: cat with blogs) out there? Find one and share about it.

Heart of Rachel said...

Oops, sorry I posted the suggestion when I was supposed to email it to you.

Jose said...

1) There are many blogs that are from outside the continental United States. Find one, comment and tell us something interesting.
The Blue Panther Experience… and other things.
Here’s one that I read periodically. I don’t exactly know where he writes from but he certainly writes a lot about India. He started Blog Your Blessings Sunday BYBS, the purpose to post something on Sunday on why you feel blessed. He is actually a very good writer.

2) There are my adoption blogs. It can be domestic or international. Find one and leave some encouraging words!!!
I knew you blog would be a good reference to start searching and I wasn’t wrong. I found the blog “Awaiting Ava and read some of the posts. I also left words of encouragement for them.

ChupieandJ'smama said...

1. She's a very sweet lady from Canada

2. Adoption blog: Magi just adopted a little girl from China.

Idea: Find a blog where someone reviews a movie.

Find a blog where someone discusses a life changing moment.

Sanni said...

1.) Have you ever been to Lifecruiser

Captain Lifecruiser is blogging from Sweden. Why Captain? She´s the Captain of the fantastic Lifecruiser Cyber Cruise. Why not visiting interesting great places all over the world on a cyber cruise? ;)

I enjoy SGT DUB´s blog every day. He´s one of my heros. I bet Michael would enjoy Sarge Charlie´s blog, too.

2) I´ve been to Never Too Many - they were LID April like you! WOO-HOO!!!