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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Birthday and AI

Yesterday was my 33rd birthday and also Michael's bday.You know, Michael from It started out with me wanting to go to the gym and MIchael telling me to get ready because we had somewhere to go. I had no idea where we were going and it was a great surprise. We went to Spa Sidell for a couples massage and it was awesome. It was very nice and very thoughtful.

After our massage we headed to a Brazilian steakhouse for a yummy lunch. We came home, played a game I got Michael for Christmas and he taught me Othello, a game he played when he was younger. I caught on and its pretty fun!

We ordered Chinese for dinner and settled down for American Idol. Michael did a good job reviewing the show in detail but here are my thoughts.

I like the show. I love the people who think they are good and I like the silly people. Once again, there are certain types of singers they have to have the first few weeks.

Every season opener they must have a singer who doesn't sing much English. I'm not sure why people find this funny but William Hung started all of this.

There is always a single mom trying to better for their baby. Nothing wrong with this, I enjoy the stories and usually root for these singers but there is one every season.

there is always a very large person trying out. This season there was a big girl who plays football. I don't think she made it through.

there is always the sweet, naive girl who usually sings country.

There are always people looking just to get on TV. Once again there were costumes and such. there were some good ones this week but no one really got my attention.

Did you guys notice anything special?


Bella's Mommy said...

Hi Amy,

Glad you had a nice birthday. How is a Brazilian Steak house different? I did not see American Idol as I was watching Biggest Loser.

Jose said...

Hola Amy, Happy belated birthday to you two, sounds like you both had a great time. I am so in need of a massage, maybe one of these days I'll treat mi chica and I to one. AI, nothing really special but if you are an AI fan you won't care. It'f good fun entertainment. I think most people agree that only Christi Lee Cook stood out and the girls of course are rooting for Chris Watson. Too early to tell.

amy said...

A Brazilian steak house is where you get a plate ofveggies from a salad bar and then at your table, servers bring meats around..All kinds of meats like garlic steak, lamb, parmesan pork...oh so yummy..I should have watched Biggest Loser!

Michelle said...

I know I'm a little late, but still wanted to wish you and Michael happy belated birthdays! what a nice day you two had together, what a great idea and surprise for the couples massage too!

Fresh Girl said...

Happy belated birthday, Amy! I'm glad you and Michael had a good one. :)

kailani said...

No one comes to mind. There were a few good ones, though. Should be interesting!