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Wednesday, January 23, 2008


hey Memphis people! Be on the lookout for the Christophers, coming to a town near you soon! Any Memphis people out there?



FRIGGA said...

I've driven through Memphis, more than once - does that count?

Happy Wednesday :-)

Susan said...

I'm reading a book about Memphis right now....wish I were up that way.


Karen said...

does a Memphis transplant to the West count? LOL:)

steven.russell said...

Why don't you tell us wht s bringing you to the Bluff City?


AnnieLaurie said...

hey Amy- thanks for your comment on my blog the other day. I am from Memphis! But I live in D.C. Have fun in my home town!

Valtool said...

Steven, would you believe it's the attraction of friends? I imagine that's a better-sounding reason than coming to tour the crime-ridden areas we've been reading about on Jeff's blog for the past eight months.
I think someone mentioned BBQ Chicken Nachos, I saw the commentators talking about Rendesvous when UCF was up there for the Liberty Bowl.
Amy wants to go to the zoo there again, and I have a hankering to hit the poker tables at Tunica (Jeff).

amy said...

Ok, I shall answer

1) I love your zoo- I do, its awesome

2) I love hotels- I love going out of town and we had a great Tn trip a few years ago

3)friends-new and old. I need to see some people in Jackson, roomies and others in Memphis and some new adopting friends are from China.

4) its that far away and shouldnt be too expensive

steven.russell said...

Hey, Michael. Watch it.

An Atlantian calling my city crime ridden?!

We've all got our problems!

Sorry. I get kinda defensive of the city I love and grew up in.

amy said...

before we moved here my friend Mandy said Atlanta was the only city where the news began with how many people were shot..I thought she was kidding!

I only judge based on Jeffs blogs! haha!!!

MSM said...

Okay, I'm in Memphis! And yes, the 10 o'clock news is usually depressing, but there are still wonderful people and places here to make your visit worthwhile!

What do you like? Outdoors? (Shelby Farms); Shopping? (The Avenue Carriage Crossing, Saddlecreek, and there's lots more); Worship? (Bellevue Baptist Church, etc. etc. etc.)

Good Eats too - BBQ and beyond!

Hope this helps!

she said...

As Memphis is my favourite US city to visit (and if I'm lucky I'll head that way again this year) I have to ask. What's a Christophers?