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Monday, January 07, 2008

Fluff, fat and other things

Well that last post didn't get an answer so what shall we talk about next.

Michael started a new blog. I don't think he is getting rid of Valtool's Box but this one is sure to bring back memories. His new blog Taking You Back
is fun. He is listing a new video daily with some info/trivia to go along with it. Go visit and share with him some of your favorites. You may see it on their one day. Seriously, just go visit. Now.!! I am waiting!!! Are you done? Did you add him to your bloglines? Good.

Point 2. I have no idea whats going on with the political stuff. No one is impressing. I was listening to the democrat nominees this morning and all they did was slam each other. Im sure the Republicans did that too, they just were not on when I awoke this morning. No one is impressing me at all.

Well this weekend I began the defluffication process. Since other bloggers can talk about their weight, I guess I shouldn't be so bashful. Here is the deal. I like to call myself "fluffy" but in all reality, I am fat. A fatty. A Chubmuffin. I could come up with other words. Fluffybutt is another one. One day I will share the song that I wrote entitled "Three fatties in the back". You will never see me on Youtube but if there was a video of this song, I am sure to make you smile. Humble, aren't I? NO I am not sulking, just speaking the truth. The more honest I am, the more chance there is of me doing something about it. I promise this post is not written in despair, or sadness. In fact, I am in a pretty cool mood today.

For those of you who may not know this, fat people know they are fat. I promise. So, if you choose to stare at them, I can honestly tell you that you are not going to send magic thoughts into their heads telling them to start exercising. Seriously, fat people know they are fat. The more you stare at them or make them feel uncomfortable, the less likely they are going to do something about it. Im just saying. And, if you are one of those people who just doesnt like fat people, you may want to avoid my blog. Because you see, I am one of those people. But, my chubbiness is not my only identity. I am a child of God and because I did not treat my body like a temple, I am now having to do some extra work. I am more than just a fat chick(hmmm, new blog title??)

So Saturday, I put on those new shoes (which are a size bigger than I thought and got them at Dicks Sporting goods) and headed to the gym. I did 35 minutes on the treadmill, 12minutes on the stair thing and then some leg machine thingys. It felt good. I came home, had a nice lunch, chilled and started dinner which was rotisserie chicken, some pasta thing and fresh broccoli. Today, I also hit the gym early, doing the leg weigh thingys and the treadmill. That IPOD thing will get you going. So I am coming up with ways to keep me on the treadmill longer. Today, I decided I would do 25 minutes. When I was at 24 minutes, 2 ladies came in on got on the leg weight thingy. Ugh. Did they not know I was going to go directly there? So I had to wait another 15 minutes to get off the treadmill. It wasnt so bad. Listened to some 80s music, and watched the TV which was on the sports channel and I learned that Eli Manning was better than the announcers gave him credit for. Well, since I am a Peyton fan, I could have told you that.

This is sooo not where I thought this post was going. I had some serious stuff to talk about..Oh well, at least you know the truth. I guess those of you who actually know me outside of this blog already knew this and most of you love me anywa..YOU GUYS ROCK!!!!!


Jose said...

Good post Amy, I too need to hit the gym except right now I have no memebeship. In the meantime I will attemt to eat better. But with a mom and a wife that cooked Mexican food so good it's kindda hard to do.

FRIGGA said...

Sometimes it feels hard to get the energy up to go excersize, but once I do it just feels great! And it energizes me... like a catch 22 I guess. In any case you should be proud of yourself, you're definitely on the road to a healthier life style.

Oh, as far as unconditional love. I believe it exists, but that it's very dangerous. Often times we think of parents as having unconditional love for their children. But if the child grows into an evil adult (ex: murderer, pedophile...) then no - that person should NOT be loved.

I know the Christian God has unconditional love for every person - which is one of of my favorite issues to debate when it comes to Christianity.

Have a happy Monday!!

Brandi said...

Yep, I agree with Frigga. It's sometimes hard to get motivated, but boy does it feel good once you've gotten started! I have SO much more energy after I exercise (weird, huh???). I try to get to the gym 3-4 times a week...sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

Good luck!

TeaMouse said...

Listening to music with those mp3 players is great!! I'm also a member of the chubmuffin club and I am also making a point of trying to change. I am tired of being the 'fat' girl in the family. I wasn't overweight as a child...I put it on after my DS was born over 18 years ago and I told myself it would come off.
I am now no longer eating after 8p.m. going for long walks with DH and my pooch Oliver and doing some circuit training exercises at home with free weights and body resistance.
If you ever need a pick me up - stop by and I'll pop over...I know I need encouraging from time to time.
I'm dealing with some stressful issues lately. My youngest sister is up and moving away in a week. Her husband is as lazy as you get and she's convinced if only they move life will be rosey. Somehow she can't understand me not jumping for joy - they have 2 kids and one is in school - not a great scene. I'm now in the doghouse with her and my mom.
I'm going to try to stay on target for today - that will be my challenge. When I get stressed out I race for the bakery dept.

Tymm said...

Good for you Amy. The first step in anything like this is actually wanting to do it - wanting to make that change. And it really seems like you do.

Keep it up - let us know how we can encourage you.

amy said...

You guys rock. Perhaps I will start a chubmuffin club sometime. I enjoyed the music and look forward to going back on Wednesday after my Bible Study..

I also need to watch what I eat when i go out.
Once again, thanks

Bella's Mommy said...


great job on getting to the gym. I am proud of you. Sometimes getting there is half the battle. Exercise will make you feel better and is great for relief of stress.

Andrea said...

You go, girl!

kailani said...

What a great honest post! I give you so much credit for doing something to change your life. I know you'll reach your goals!

Amy said...! I love that one. Make mine chocolate chip, okay?

Yeah, I haven't been motivated at all this past month and I am ashamed of myself because I really didn't have a hard time starting my new way of life before my surgeries. With all my gift certificates to fast food places I got for Christmas I'm just being bad, bad, bad. I try to justify it by getting a kids meal. Still bad!

I am proud of you though! You go girl. I will say that the more you get in shape and exercise the more you will be able to run after your little ones when they come!!

I should do this because maybe in a few years I will be a grandma! And I don't want to be known as the fat grandma who can't do anything!

We'll do this together Amy. From one chubmuffin to another!

Hugs! (and not the Hershey's kind either!)

Carol said...

I have diabetes, heart disease, and cancer everywhere in my family! You would think I would know better, but no....I am a member of the chubbymuffin group too. And I must say it's been a lifetime of fat, thin, fat, thin. I'm wishing you lots of luck Amy!! Now over to view your hubby's new blog............

amy said...

Might as well be honest..You cant sugarcoat your fatness, your fluffiness, you weight problem...Ya know..

We will see how I do the rest of the week!

THanks Carol for visiting MIchaels blog..I love 80s things

Amy said...

Thought this might make you laugh. When I was shopping with my daughter the other day we were looking at swimsuits. Why oh why do they want to put fat people in a swimsuit decorated with BIG BOLD FLOWERS? It's like...Hello world, just in case you didn't realize how fat I am in my nice dark colors let me throw it in your face! You know what I mean? I guess I'll be skinny dipping after all. hehe!

amy said...

that so made me laugh and they want your dresses to look like tents..

Seriously, Why do I even go into a place called Dressbarn?


Donna & Andrew said...

Hey Amy,
Chubmuffin is not one I have hear before but fluffy I have. A few years back one of my munchkins was with us at a BBQ when the host's little boy turned to Connor(who was 8 at the time) and said your mom is fat! To which Connor replied Dee Dee's not my mom and she isn't fat she is just Fluffy and I like her that way. Out of the mouths of babes.
Good Luck!

Laura said...

Great post Amy! Your honesty is freakin' awesome!! I love it! Keep up the good work! Learn to love that treadmill, baby!!

ChupieandJ'smama said...

Good luck with your weight loss Amy. I'm right there with you! I don't want to see you call yourself fat anymore though. A lot of us need to lose weight and get healthy. Now start thinking healthy too. Fat (or fluffy or chubmuffin) is not in your vocabulary anymore. Only think healthy, positive thoughts:)

The 5 Powell's said...

Okay - uhm. I can't do 25 minutes on the treadmill much less add more stuff on after that. I'm impressed. We got a membership to the Y for Christmas and I'm terribly, terribly, terribly out of shape. I think my lungs will explode and my legs will fall off by the 1 mile mark...which sadly is at about 15 minutes. Then. I'm done.