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Thursday, January 03, 2008


Hi friends! I have missed you. No Internet at the house today which was actually kind of nice.
What's new in my world? I got an IPOD for Christmas and on Wed night I was able to dowload almost 200 songs..That rocks.
Wed afternoon Michael and I went to Dicks Sporting store to get me some new shoes. Laura, I did get a size larger so I hope this helps. Tommorow or Sat will be my first day at the gym in a long time. Im very excited. New shoes (pic to be posted soon) and good music. What more could I need ? Wish me luck as I really need to get healthy this year.
I also need to get motivated to organize myself and my home. Since we have been married, I have lost a couple debit cards and license. I think I am the only girl who does not carry a purse all the time. Im not sure when it started but I would like to carry my identification wherever I go. I told you guys I was a bit odd, didn't I? I really need to get my act together before LynnMarie (or any other children) comes home!!!!!
Anyone have a new blog I need to be reading???


steven.russell said...

The latest addition to my blogroll.

Verna said...

I guess there are books out there to eliminate clutter but I'm too lazy to get one ;)

kailani said...

Congrats on the new ipod. What color did you get?

An Island Life

Bella's Mommy said...


Glad you got new shoes, I got a new pair in November and it has helped alot. I got the tae bo tapes I wanted for Christmas so hopefully I will get working on getting into better shape so Good Luck to you. A great blog I read daily is

Susan said...

I love the gym now. The iPod is something I really want. I am hoping the shoes work for you.