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Tuesday, January 08, 2008


Hey guys. I worked last night which means I was not able to comment on your updated blogs but I did read them. THanks for posting on the fat post below!

Yesterday I got up early and did the gym and then came home to a surprise. Michael!!!!! He made me a yummy breakfast and we just chilled and we both went to work. Before I napped he started a movie called Hackers! So far so good!

Anyway, I did a salad for dinner with a couple of diet cokes and some of my 100 calorie snacks (not too many). I am now home and just had some cheese toast!

I couldn't decide what to blog about and I am pretty tired so I am just going to post a few random things..

- last night I took care of a patient named Sunshyne. Yes, you read that correctly.
- I actually lost almost 60 pounds in college by going to the YMCA at 530 am and not eating in the cafeteria
-I could have enjoyed college more had I not been afraid of anyone. Not to fear, my experience rocked and I still keep in touch with UU people (hi out there!!!)
-My husband makes some sweet faces and some silly ones.
- I really like Coke Zero.
- In college my roommate Jenny and I got in the wrong car at Walmart. The scary thing was it started!!!

Okay, I am going to bed.
Lastly. Michael and I have the same birthday , Jan 15th! What should we do? Remember we are on a budget..(meaning we have no money)


Frazzled Farm Wife said...

How about a candlelight supper at home and then some snuggling in front of the tv!

Carol said...

Amy happy birhtdays! My friend and I share the same birthday month (Feb), as do her daughters so we are packing up all the little people and we are going to the Chinese New Year Parade in Washington DC...then dinner after!! Do you have a CNY parade in your area?

FRIGGA said...

That's pretty scary about the car - I'm glad keys are more individualized now!

I have no helpful suggestions for your birthdays, except to say do something you both enjoy (I know, DUH!)


Susan said...

Awwww...the same birthday! What fun.

I enjoyed this post and hope you're having a great day. Keep pressing on with the exercise plan...I know you'll be glad that you did.

:-) Susan

Kathryn said...

Happy Birthdays! Same day as our anniversary!

kailani said...

I think you guys should just have a quiet dinner at home. Candlelight and romantic music!

An Island Life

Special K said...

Cool idea I read about for gifting on a budget. Regift! No, not what you think. Take something special of your spouse's from around the house and wrap it up and give it to him. When he opens it, explain why you thought it was special and what it means to you.

TeaMouse said...

I like the candlelit dinner - pour your coke Zero into some wine glasses and have a nice dinner.

For gifts you could give each other romantic coupons get creative - they could be 'You are entitled to one hug' or 'one free massage' etc. they can be for time together going for walks or playing a game of cards etc.

Have a great birthday! Mine was on Dec. 23!

The 5 Powell's said...

You crack me up - I mean...stinkin' make me laugh! I think you should bundle up and go sit in the Marietta Town Square and kiss in the gazebo...maybe it'll snow on you?!
I almost got in the wrong car a couple of years ago - the remote key worked on my car and that car...maybe they only make a few keys per type of car?