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Friday, January 25, 2008


Its Friday morning and I am close to going to bed. I work the next 2 nights and hopefully will be stress free!

Its cold and cloudy in Atlanta, that should make for a good day for sleeping. I was able to get to they gym yesterday and watched a whole episode of Different Strokes (the one where Sam was kidnapped) and just listened to the IPOD which is pretty cool. At least I got my 3 days in this week.

Not too much to blog about.

So its your turn, while I sleep say something, comment something. I dont care what. It can be one word (seriously!!!) or a question or comment!!!! Woohoo...whats on your mind


Anonymous said...

Amy, while you sleep, I will be tutoring my new assistant and then heading in to a 4 day weekend stretch, all the while trying to nurse my sore back and keep it from getting worse. How's that for a comment. Hey contact me if you would like my girl in training to do a blog for you. <3 ~v

Frazzled Farm Wife said...

I just love my Ipod! I listen to it when I work out too!

I hope you have a stress free next few nights of work....have a good one!

The Straight's said...


FRIGGA said...


FRIGGA said...

Was that the word you wanted? ;-)

amy said...

Im not a green fan although sometimes its pretty..It is indeed cold here in Atlanta..Would have enjoyed sleeping a few more hours but now I am awake and getting ready for work..

I seiously love my ipod. I seem to skip a lot of songs actually. I keep skipping Jessica Simpsons "Part of Your world" from The little Mermaid. She just makes it seem too sexy..Ewwww

Baba's Blog .. Babies Are Special said...

Good morning Amy, I can't sleep, so here I am up drinking coffee and blogging.My daughter in Atlanta is scheduled for her 3rd c/s on February 15th at Northside hospital..I will be there and can go into the or with her and her husband..My bags are packed and I am ready to go ...I hope she makes it until this date.She has always delivered early.Her first daughter was 3 weeks early and the second daughter was 5 weeks early..We don't know this baby's sex until he or she comes into this world..

I have you have a calm two nights at work..sleep well.
Hugs, baba