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Monday, April 02, 2007

100 things about me 1-10

1. I was obsessed with 90210. In fact,I was on the cover of the Miami Herald (at least my ponytail was) because I waited hours to see Luke Perry
2.I went to a Christian college(Union Univ) and got my first degree in Psychology
3.I became a professional babysitter in high school
4.I went to Quito, Ecuador on a missions trip in 10th grade
5. I helped make Thanksgiving Dinner for the homeless one year
6. I have a ton of books I have never read
7.I met my husband on the internet
8.In college, my roomie and I got into my car, started it and then realized it was not my car
9.I love cheesy movies
10. I own all 10 seasons of Friends


Sparky Duck said...

shhh we have #7 in common, except insert wife for husband

Karen said... ROFL, how did the car start? That is just too funny and I can't believe I missed it!

Amy said...

Reading through your whole list we have so many things in common!

My husband and I owned a Mustang and my BIL had a Thunderbird. Our key could start his car! So you can imagine the tricks we played on him, like moving it and then completly hiding it!

nichole m said...

#7... us too!