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Saturday, April 28, 2007

its Saturday night/Sunday morning

Work is slow..patients are sleeping.

I am not making this up. I am taking care of baby Maddox and his cousins name is Shiloh!!!! A little odd to me?

Michael and I started watching Drive this month and we were actually enjoying it! It got cancelled. Michael and I were really into watching Studio 60 and it got cancelled. Ugh

My thoughts on American Idol. I love Jordyn. I really like melinda but she is really good. I have grown to like Phil and Blake. Chris is Justin Timerblake. If you like the group Avalon, one of the ladies there was in her college choir with Phil and just adores him. he has gotten better but I can not seem making through to the end.

My predictions. Being they kick off the best right about now, Melinda, Blake or Jordyn will be sent home. this makes me sad but with the voting for the worst website, it could happen.
I earlier predicted Melinda, Jordyn and Blake for the final 3 but it could be anyone.
I am looking forward to Bon Jovi working with the contestants.

Survivor..getting good..Glad Mookie went home. Not sure who I want to win but I predict Cassandra or Stacy because the people I don't like usually win.

October Road.. Loving this show! its like Dawsons Creek 10 years later... Love it..Hope its not cancelled but seeing as other shows I like are cancelled, I would not be surprised.

may 1st. 90210 season 2 comes out. WooHoo!

As Chandler Bing would say,Could I BE anymore random?


Sunday- sleep all day and then work. Glad MIchael is off
Monday- get off work 7a, computer class at work from 3-11. crash
Tuesday- off, trivia with baby Emily..Woohoo
Wednesday-off, my first Atlanta Braves game
Thursday-work 7p
Friday-adoption support group, maybe dinner with friends
Sunday- pray I am awake enough to visit a church

Prayer requests
Catie and Aubreys families (families of patients who have passed away) They have been on my mind

Pray we find a good home church

Pray we get our house organized-it may sound silly but its a must!!!


Debi said...

Sounds like a busy week ahead, Amy! But with lots of fun stuff thrown in the mix!

Michael - Lover of Amy said...

Amy failed to mention that Wednesday is her first PHILLIES game, and Sunday is her second BRAVES game. My Phillies are in town Monday-Wednesday this week, and Sunday we are going back to the Ted (Turner Field) for a game paid for by my boss. (that one being against the Dodgers)

Karen said...

I am really into October Road as well. I am confused though, because the other day I saw a commercial that this week is the season finale...and as best as I can remember, there have only been like 5 episodes? Since when is that a season? Anyway, I too really hope to see it again soon!

TeaMouse said...

I can't believe they cancelled Drive - what a bummer! We were just looking for it today and wondered why it isn't on.

On AI - I predict that Jordin or Melinda will win and the final 3 will be those two, plus Blake. Of course it will probably go a lot differently. I think Lakisha was the one due to go home this past week.

What did you think of the secret duo! I thought it was quite odd to say the least.

On Survivor - I am so glad that Mookie went home. I used to like Alex - not to win..but now I want him out ASAP. I want Yauman to win or maybe Earl...but I really like Yauman. I couldn't believe they went through his bags, that was so low. Speaking of honor and all that.

Well I'm off for blog silence tomorrow, but I'll be back to start the hunt on Tuesday.

Kim said...

Maddox and Shiloh...too funny. Do you remember when all the fraternal twins were being named Luke and Laura?

Have a great week this week. I hope you enjoy the Beverly Lewis books as much as I have. She's the best.